Rhode Island Comic Con 2015: Doctor Who Panel



The most anticipated panel at this year’s Rhode Island Comic Con was a Q&A featuring Doctor Who actors Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Alex Kingston (River Song). The panel saw Ballroom A of the Rhode Island Convention Center at maximum capacity as fans asked the pair a range of questions about their time on the show. As with most of the panels at this year’s show, the panel was moderated by Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Clare Kramer.

Check out the full audio of the panel below, to hear Gillan and Kingston talk about their favorite episodes, behind-the-scenes stories and whether or not there were will ever be a female Doctor, among other things. It’s really wonderful to hear the rapport between Kingston and Gillan, as well as how the show and the two actress in particular touched lives of fans.

Ryan Gibbs is the music editor for The Young Folks. He is based in Newport, Rhode Island.