POLL: Which ‘Jane the Virgin’ Team Are You On?


This week’s episode of Jane the Virgin was a drama-filled one as usual. First, I want to give myself a pat on the back for one of my crazy theories being proven correct at the end of the episode! Besides the unexpected (to most) twist, much of this episode is centered on the relationships between the characters. The writers are playing topsy-turvy when it comes to our feelings about Jane’s romantic interests. It made sense at first that Jane belongs with Rafael, the father of her child, but now that they’re hitting a ton of bumps in their relationship, Michael is looking like a better prospect. Or should Jane just ditch the dudes and focus on herself and the baby?

I made a brief case for each team, but I really want to hear from you. Who do you think Jane should end up with? Vote in our poll and comment with your thoughts!

Team Michael

Jane-the-Virgin-season-1-episode-17-3At the beginning of the season, there was a bit of mystery surrounding Michael. I can’t quite remember if that was ever revealed, besides that his brother is a very questionable person. Still, we have seen glimpses of Michael’s dark side. Now, the writers are torturing us with these loving and sweet flashbacks of Michael and Jane’s relationship. It’s so easy to see how happy they were, and if this weird twist of fate had never happened to Jane, they would still be together. Plus, his bromance with Rogelio is a big PLUS for his case.

Team Rafael

jane-the-virgin-150405Destiny! That’s all we saw at the beginning of the season. The “star-crossed lovers” thing has its major appeal, and just like Jane and Rafael, we got swept up in it. However, as quickly as they came together, it all seems to fall apart. They do come from different worlds and don’t see eye-to-eye on important decisions. If it wasn’t for the baby, would they even be together? Would taking their relationship at slower pace work out? It’s hard to know. It also doesn’t help that he’s working close with Petra, who is still in love with him.

Team Jane

Jane the Virgin - Episode 1.19 - Chapter Nineteen - Promotional PhotosJane’s romantic moments make us swoon, but it’s the moments she shares with her family that really hits home. Jane spent so much time in this episode feeling scared about how to raise this baby, especially since Rafael is too busy with work to invest time. She got worked up thinking that she would have to do it all alone, forgetting that she has both her mom and grandma there for her and the baby. Who needs a man when you already have an amazing support system like Xiomara and Abuelita?

Which team are you rooting for? Vote now!

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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  • straightedgechap

    Team Michael.In my eyes,Jane’s relationship with Rafael is nothing more than one like one from a romantic novel.Jane & Michael’s relationship was real & pure love.It only ended due to him making a mistake due to being scared.But if they find their way back to each other,it would be like a real couple does in a way Jane wouldn’t see from a romantic book

  • Guest

    Honestly what are peo

  • nikkii

    Team michael alll the wayyy!! Like is there even another worthy enough option? Lol they’re like meant to be

  • Sara

    Michael of course, i have nothing against Rafael but i dont see any chemistry between them, they are like brother and sister.

  • HM

    Michael and Jane are in the same level,
    Rafael would be better with Petra

  • Lucy

    Rafael definitely. There’s something about Michael that I just don’t like, I don’t know what it is. Jane just seems happier with rafael.

  • Jellyfish

    Both Michael and Rafael are imperfect characters, but both have good hearts. However, I like Michael better, I think there’s more chemistry with Jane, they’re just a better match in my opinion. Plus I don’t like that Rafael used to be such a playboy… Just a question of taste, I guess.

  • Soretta Ray

    I’ve always thought that Michael and Jane act more like best friends than partners. With Rafael they’ve got the heat along with the fact that he seems to know her better than she is willing admit. Of course, there’s more natural chemistry between the Jane and Rafael actors than there is between the same of Jane and Michael.

  • M.C. Hammer

    I have a major, major problem with cops who don’t follow the law. Therefore, absolutely no matter what happens, I can’t be Team Michael. I don’t need to know what is reasons are–but I know that he routinely lies to his boss about illegal things he’s done with his badge. I don’t have a problem with dirty pasts–it’s the future I’m looking toward. And Rafael’s past is behind him–what he and Jane want is actually really quite similar. Speaking of dirty pasts . . . Michael has his own share. Just sayin’, all . . . he’s dependable, but he said himself he didn’t want to just be the “dependable” and “safe” choice. I would probably start leaning more toward Michael if he did a few more of those lizard impressions more regularly. He’s a great comic actor that is NOT being put to good use in the show, if you ask me.

  • venezia59

    Jane and Rafael in the beginning were like a romantic novel, but they didn’t know each other well, plus he was overloaded with family issues. But if you go back to Season 1, it was about how they both feel like they are “meant to be”. He is the one who makes her heart beat, not Michael. When they touch, they get sparks. Their dialogue crackles. I think the arc is that they have the initial spark and passion, but then have to separate to both grow up a little, and get to know each other as co-parents. I also think they are endgame because Raf is a much better developed character than Michael. They have gone through a lot more together, in terms of their relationship and being parents. As they co-parent and become friends, they create the solid foundation of “reality” that was missing the first season. If their spark comes back–well, that’s the perfect love, isn’t it? Your best friend and father of your child whom you are also passionate about? I am a writer and I love that it’s Raf who encourages her writing. He “gets” her, and puts her before himself as we saw during the wedding, when she chose her happiness over his. As for not “knowing” her–that’s really not true, and the narrator even said at the end of Season 2, “Michael is not the only one who knows Jane”, and I thought that was foreshadowing. So…we’ll see. But if this show follows the original Venezualan version of “Juana the Virgin”, they will be the endgame, and are more of a true telenovela couple.