Orphan Black Season 5: Clone Club Shares Their Wishlist & Burning Questions

The mystery of LEDA is coming to an end. BBC America announced that their thrilling sci-fi drama, Orphan Black, is ending after its upcoming fifth season in 2017. The show, which introduced the world to the many sides of Canadian darling Tatiana Maslany and created Clone Club, will put an end to their series-long mysteries and potentially offer up a resolution to the Clone War (see what I did there…).

Orphan Black BBC America Sarah Castor

But what exactly are you hoping to see? Orphan Black is sure to deliver plenty of climactic moments and twists for its swan song season. However, with four years of mysteries under their belt and characters we’ve grown to love, there is a lot that could happen or be answered. So, we went right to the source when it comes to the ideal Orphan Black Season 5 wishlist: Clone Club.

We asked, you answered! Here are just a few responses of what some Clone Club members had to say about what they’re looking forward to see (or DESPERATELY need answered!) in Season Five. Scroll through the slider below to read more.

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