NYCC DC News: Sizzle Trailers for Arrow & The Flash


First things first DC fans: Have you checked out my and fellow writer Evan’s podcast? This week on DC Debrief we talked about the season premieres of both Arrow and The Flash, as well as the accidental announcement of the upcoming Justice League animated series on Cartoon Network and news from New York Comic Con about the potential for The Killing Joke adaptation. Check it out and subscribe! Click here to see DC Debrief on iTunes.

Now to what you clicked for!

Both CW hits made appearances at this year’s New York Comic Con, along with the much anticipated Legends of Tomorrow (although Legends hasn’t had any released footage). Both shows released a sizzle reel with some unseen footage and with it we got to see more of the madness Damien Darhk is going to inspire along with some exciting sightings of what appears to be a resurrected Sara teaming up with Speedy and Black Canary. The Flash offers some more immediate excitement as we get a better look at Zoom, Jay Garrick and even a bit of Hawkgirl, along with The Flash himself showing off what look to be newly explored powers. It’s going to be an exciting season of the series and rather than slowing down, it seems to just be revving up the stakes and power plays.

Did anyone else catch the shot of what looked to be Iris jumping out of an impossibly tall building as The Flash runs to save her? This is the kind of craziness I want to see on these superhero shows, and no show nails the tone as well as The Flash.

Check out the trailers below and, in case you missed them, check out my review of the premiere of The Flash as well as Evan’s review of “Green Arrow,” the Arrow season four premiere.

What are you most excited for? Which show keeps you at the edge of your seat? And who else can’t wait for whatever crossover event comes this year for the shows?

And, maybe more importantly, which villain is the greater threat: Darhk or Zoom? Let us know in the comments below.

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