NYCC 2012: Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Interview

At New York Comic Con, Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf was there giving interviews about what you should expect about the next season of Teen Wolf. You can read the interview below or watch the two videos as well.

Do you try to persuade Jeff into doing certain things?

Jeff is one of the smartest people I know- he does such a good job coming up with story lines and twisting them and coming up with crazy scenarios. He has a great idea where Scott’s going and I want to take it in the same direction, so we have a very similar idea where Scott wants to go. But sometimes I’d think Scott should really do this- I’ve been playing him for two years- so I think Scott should be thinking this, and he says, “Maybe you’re right, we’ll do it a different way.”

You’re character has obviously matured over the run of the show so far. How much of that is a reflection of you maturing as a person, an actor, and how much of that is just the story telling?

It’s a lot of both, definitely. I mean, I look back to the pilot, which wasn’t that long ago, it wasn’t even three years ago this year, and I looked so young and I remember thinking back when we were filming this, “Dude! I was such a little kid.” Like, it’s insane how much I’ve grown in the past two and a half years. So that definitely has a huge element in it; it’s hard to hide maturity on screen, you know? But it also works for the character because the character needs to go somewhere. He’s got a great arc in season two; he’s got a great overall series arc. It’s a little bit of both-definitely.

Since the show has become so famous by now, how has it impacted your life? Like, how would you walk around in Comic Con?

That would be hard. Walking around in Comic Con is something I just can’t do without being stopped- I’m ok with it and I love it, but I embrace everything that’s come my way with Teen Wolf, and I really had a lot of fun interacting with fans and making them feel good, and I really like doing that kind of stuff. So yeah, it’s definitely changed my life, in a huge and completely better way.

Also, many stars like to get involved in directing and the such. Do you think you’ll be able to do that?

It’s not like I hate it, I would actually want to be in the editing room, because that’s a lot of fun, that’s really cool, I’d actually want to do that. But directing? It’s just something I can’t wrap my head around. I can take direction, but I can’t give it, like it’s just hard for me. I don’t know, maybe, I’ve never tried it before. Like when the director tells me something, I’m like,”Wow, how the hell did you think of that?” So that’s usually when I realize that I can’t direct, but I think being in the editing room would be a lot of fun.

Do they let you in the editing room?

No they do, they do! They’re like, “Tyler, come down in the editing room.” And I’m like, “Alright! Tomorrow!” And I’ll just forget to go since I’m too busy. But in season 3, I will make it in the editing room, in season three; I’m going to do it!

The makeup process, when you do it, is it as bad as they say? Is it something you sort of gotten used to?

You know, I think people should do it a lot, I mean it’s so easy man. For what I do, I can’t complain. I think I wear a lot less makeup than a lot of people on other shows, like on Spawn, he has a whole thing, everything was covered. For me, it’s just my face and my eyes, and my teeth. It does get a little annoying sometimes when it’s on me all day, but in the end, I can’t be annoyed forever. It’s a weird process, but I’ve definitely gotten used to it. So yeah, I guess it’s easy.

Since a season is 24 episodes, that’s a lot of shooting time, are you to find other roles in between the breaks?

That’s something that’s hard while filming Teen Wolf. It was different because when we used to film in Atlanta, I would put myself on tape, like I would tape myself and would send it to L.A. So this time around, I can actually go out and audition, but I don’t want to! I’d be so busy that I don’t think I’d have time to. Being in Atlanta, it was so easy to audition because you’re in your room, in your house and send it off. This usually, you’d have to go out and do a lot of things that wasn’t as easy in Atlanta, but still. I don’t know- I’ll try and see, and if something comes my way that I want to be a part of, I’ll try hard for it, but if it’s something that’s just like eh!

Are you a fan of the audition process?

Auditioning is a weird and bizarre thing. I used to hate it when I was a little kid, but now I almost enjoy it kind of, because it’s my job. I’ve come to realize that it’s my job, this is part of what I do, so it’s easier now. But auditioning is a very bizarre process, where you’re basically just getting rejected lots of times. Rejection is something that doesn’t really affect me at all. But for some actors, it’s like it hits them hard, especially if you’re really going out for something you really really want. But I get it, I get it why people hate it, but.. suck it up!

Does being on the show provide sense of security?

Oh yeah! I’m definitely comfortable where I am, because if I wasn’t on the show, I’d be like, “I gotta get this job, I gotta get that job!” But since I actually have a show that I’m on, it does add a sense of security. I shot a movie last year that I got the role because of Teen Wolf and it was called Taco Shop and I had so much fun on that shoot, so that’s what I’m working towards- I think every actor is working towards the point where they don’t have to audition anymore, which would be nice but. .yeah! I don’t know.

TV seems to have this new cache on actors, like even movie stars are going to TV.

Yeah, I think the same thing applies to when TV stars want to go on movies, and they get and they want to switch it up. If you’re doing movies all the time, you kind of want to switch it up and do TV every now and then. Or at least that’s what I think, especially when you’re that big and you’re a huge movie actor and well established and you just do a guest spot on a TV show- it’s really easy. There’s a lot of fun work, whereas in Teen Wolf, it’s insane amounts of work but I love it because it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something.

During the panel, you talked how you like physical stuff and you like to do your own stunts. Have you had any close calls, have you been injured on set?

I’ve been injured, like minor little things, hurt my ankle really bad running through the forest and there was this root that was just sticking out and I didn’t see it, and I hit my ankle on it really hard. I got kneed in the balls one time. It was the first season that it happened- I don’t know why they didn’t put it on the gag real, maybe because it was too gnarly. I really hurt myself, like I couldn’t move for a little while, I had a medic check on me- they didn’t check me out, he was just talking to me and he was like, “So how you feeling?” And I’d say, “I don’t know, I’m not feeling very good.” The first thing I ever did on Teen Wolf , of the first season, Stiles’ Jeep, he had a stunt driver, and I was supposed to run from this gate and run to the Jeep  that was reverse down this hill and drive off. There are no seatbelts in the Jeep, I jumped in, closed the door, and the stunt driver floored it down the hill and I was like, “Woah!” And I was still acting so I had to be like, “Ok, cool.” So he floored it and I saw him losing control. I saw him kind of freaking out, so I was like, “Oh, shit.” I knew we were flipping over, so I braced myself and was ready for it, and we ran up this curve and we were jumping like. Nothing happened, but I think that was the closest call I’ve ever had. I think.

What episodes should we expect to see in season 3?

Well I’ve only read the first script of season 3, we haven’t even started filming it yet. It’s everything that Teen Wolf is, times a million. New characters, new alphas, possibly new love interests, different characters  that never met each other are going to be acting and working with each other-so just everything.     


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