Is Heroes and Villains FanFest Worth Checking Out?


Editor’s note: Before you dive into my geeky recap of Heroes and Villains FanFest. For those of you who either haven’t been before or have no idea what I’m talking about, check out our recap from the first San Jose HVFF here.

If you asked me if Heroes and Villains FanFest (HVFF) was worth checking out during the first go around, I’ll probably say no. But what can you expect from a festival that was fresh and new? Though it wasn’t perfect didn’t mean I wasn’t going to check it out again once it was back in the Bay Area. So lo and behold on August 27th and 28th, HVFF came back in San Jose for its second time and I’m happy to report that it is SO much better now. Here’s why:

The celebrity lineup was through the roof


Juggling an actor’s/actress’ busy schedule can quickly prove to be a challenge. Given cancellations and such, it’s hard to lock down talent for events such as these. Not sure if the timing was better this time around or what have you but there was a ton of more celebrities, mainly the Arrow cast, but still. There were some celebrities from the shows Once Upon a Time, Gilmore Girls and The Flash and even from the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Attending the festival was definitely worth it on this alone and we didn’t even get to the other components of the festival yet!

Expect a packed schedule


During the first HVFF in San Jose, it was safe-to-say that the team was still working out some kinks. There was much to do and with that, people chose to leave early (including myself). But with so much more to do this time around, Saturday and Sunday flew by so fast. There were double the panels, more celebrity meet-and-greets, new vendors to check out and tons of more people in awesome cosplay to take photos of.

Panels galore


Compared to the first HVFF, this time around they definitely upped their panel game- that’s for sure. Sunday alone had back-to-back panels, I barely left my seat (or ate lunch for that matter). Since there were a lot of panels going on in the main stage and the mini stage they had near the meet-and-greet opportunities, there was tons of opportunities for fans to ask their pressing questions. Since the panels are mainly Q-and-A sessions with the fans, the quality of questions that were asked this time around was definitely better as well. There was more news that the guests got to say about their respective shows which kept us busy since we were live-tweeting the whole weekend.

Get Your Geek On

Putting together a festival takes a lot of energy and work. The first few times aren’t going to go as planned or run as smooth but as long as you learn from the setbacks that’s really all that matters right? As a fangirl and HVFF attendee, this time around was SO much better. There was a lot of things to do and see and I got to meet some awesome people as well. HVFF is the prime opportunity for fans of shows like Arrow, The Flash and Once Upon a Time and movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy to meet their favorite celebrities and ask their questions answered. It’s truly a festival for the fans- so will you be checking HVFF out once it’s in a city near you?

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