The Strain – Q&A with Corey Stoll

Doctor Ephraim Goodweather is making his way to Washington DC, and after the airing of Sunday’s episode, “Quick and Painless,” we got to have a conversation with series star, Corey Stoll.

Stoll can currently be seen in theaters in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the upcoming release of Black Mass, in addition to his previously noteworthy work in House of Cards.

Be sure to check out season two of The Strain on FX Sunday nights at 10PM CT/ET time and my reviews immediately following their airing here on The Young Folks!

Pictured: THE STRAIN logo

Pictured: THE STRAIN logo


Evan via TYF: I was curious if, being in a series by Guillermo del Toro with this kind of creep factor, was there something that was a horror film, horror icon or a creepy story that really stuck with you in your youth that resurfaces when you’re on set with these things?

Corey: I don’t know if there’s something that resurfaces; it’s hard to explain but it’s just when you’re on the set, there’s a moment when you first get on set where you see the lighting and the makeup and everything and there is a moment of, wow, that’s really cool.  And then by the fourth set up and the twentieth take, you know, it just becomes work.

You’re playing make-believe, so you’re getting yourself into a state of terror.  The stuff isn’t really scary on its own pretty much after your first time doing it.  

Evan via TYF: You mentioned Johnny Depp briefly earlier. Have you had the chance to see a cut of Black Mass yet, and is there anything in particular you’re excited about when it comes out in September?

Corey:  Yeah, I’ve seen it and it’s great.  Yeah, it’s an incredibly complex story to tell with a lot of characters and in sort of a complicated idea of what the power structures are within the Mob and within the FBI and Justice Department.  It’s very elegant, I think, and the performances across the board are really fine. The whole movie…I’m really proud to have my small part in it.


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