Heroes Reborn Review: The “Boring” Den


Fellow contributor Ryan Gibbs took the reigns last week with his lengthy review of last week’s episode of Heroes Reborn. And now I’m back to tell you…ZZZ

I’m sorry, but this episode was slow, mundane, and a burning build-up that gets somewhat of an interesting cliffhanger. I lied; it’s really stupid.

Nowhere at any point did I ever give a shit. These are honest feelings, that I do not lie about.

The last episode, I skimmed through, and the only insight I’ve gotten was that everyone in this show is in some way out of his or her own damn mind.

This episode is pure talk and nothing of importance. In this episode Noah finally goes to Erika’s house… Harrison finally catches up with the dude from the ice land… Miko gets her sword back… Minor reveals, that were sort of unnecessary.

I guess, as agreed upon by Ryan and I, the two teen leads are actually good around all the bullshit this show is about. They have chemistry, which is always a good thing to have.

The episode also has everybody finally growing a pair and almost getting themselves on the verge of a Mexican standoff. I would have loved that so much more than some of the coincidences in this episode.

As soon as Noah drops his gun from having one pointed at him, Miko just so happens to jump through the window cause in a world where two trains leave at different times, they will always collide. Don’t care about time, because this episode definitely wastes it.

Not only are they leaving everything so open, it mostly becomes forgettable. Like that scene at the police station could have either been expanded for three more minutes or they could have waited for the next episode.

In reality a snooze fest is a snooze fest and when a show results to having a lot of subtle exposition and a major waste of time with the action (not even good action!). I feel the need to curse. But I shouldn’t…

And there are two recurring lines throughout the episode… “Where’s my…” and “RUN,” but there’s never an explanation to the where! This show has a slower burn then the previous incarnation’s second season.

It’s just so slow… But hey, Noah’s buddy gets a chance to look threatening with a gun clocked; he ends up reminding me of Zack Pearlman from Mulaney, who was also bad on the show. He’s a funny guy though.

Despite the overarching dullness, the show did manage to get some exposition in my head to think about. Think about that… please don’t.

Also it contributed nothing in a technical aspect…

But my main issue was that it was pure filler. I’m not really versed with many miniseries but I assume they shouldn’t contain filler. The episode didn’t move the plot forward substantially, it just added new ideas; most of which weren’t even that interesting. Honestly I could go on for days, but I’d just be boring about it.




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  • Chris Ferguson

    This show sucks. It is boring as hell.