Goodfellas TV Series Coming Soon?

goodfellas1-1285282610There are few things that can be described as perfect — Reservoir Dogs, the early seasons of The Simpsons, Nutella, and the riveting The Walking Dead — perfect. And now we have a Goodfellas spin-off television show, and it cannot be described as perfect because it’s nowhere near it.

I was a bit hesitant when Disney came out saying they will be making more Star Wars films, but after hearing that director J.J. Abrams is attached, I am a bit relieved. However, I don’t understand why people just can’t leave movies be. Goodfellas has to be one of the best films ever made, arguably Martin Scorsese’s best. And when you hear news that AMC’s planning to make a TV series out of it, your heart just can’t help dropping.  

Well you heard it here, folks: AMC is making a Goodfellas TV show. The rumor has always been out there, just like the ever interesting Indiana Jones 5 rumor, but no one thought it will happen. Don’t give up hope yet — the original writer of Goodfellas, Nicholas Pileggi, is set to be writing a script for the series, and Martin Scorsese is involved as well. Pileggi has stated that Scorsese will want the new TV series to take place before Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) became the mobster he was depicted in the original movie. Pileggi was quoted as saying “I want to do it, Marty wants to do it, Warner Bros wants to do it…. But I think we’re going to figure out a way to do the early years — sort of a prequel.” And while many fans cannot stand the idea of seeing one of their favorite movies being possibly butchered, (besides the fact that most of the TV series turned to movies have failed miserably), the original producer Irwin Winkler will also be involved with the series.


The biggest question I can think up of is how the series and the producers will get away with all the cursing and the violence depicted in the movie? Joe Pesci alone said at least half of the curses and was the major provocation of the violence in the movie. On a list of the most “fucks” in a movie, Goodfellas ranks 20, with 246 “fucks.” And that’s not even counting all the other curses in the film. So while Pileggi stated that it will be a prequel to the movie, it will be pretty hard for them to show the violence in the series that plays up to the life of the good fellas.

But in all honestly, I do believe the series will work. While I am certainly against the idea of disturbing a masterpiece such as Goodfellas, I am quite certain that it will get far — at least the first season. People love mob-related movies and shows — Casino and Mad Men just to prove a point. And while it does make me (and most likely other fans) feel reassured that the original writer and director are attached, there still is the little bit of fear that the series can go terribly wrong and forever ruin the great work.

So while little is actually known about the project itself, many people are wondering what role Martin Scorsese would have within the series. Many fans equate Scorsese’s involvement with the success of the series, causing many to hope Scorsese will play a big part in the project in order to prove it will not become a cinematic disappointment.

Well for now, watch one of the arguably best scenes in the film.

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  • hauntedlair

    As a big fan of the film, Goodfellas, I too have my hopes that the Goodfellas TV series will come to light, and be a huge success. And the only way to keep the Goodfellas series "true to life, and real" is to have the needed cursing in it. The series won't work if they use words like 'Freakin' and 'Dang', for example.