The Babes of Game of Thrones

game of thrones

It’s pretty obvious that HBO’s Game of Thrones has a very good looking cast, but beyond what we see on the surface, many of the characters’ charisma plays into his or her “babe” status.

Four of the TYF staff writers (specifically Allyson Johnson, Melissa Berne, Bri Lockhart, and Jon Espino) had the very difficult task of choosing the most attractive of the Game of Thrones characters. With as many characters that there are, this list is narrowed down to eight of the most beautiful and charming. Obviously, this list is based on subjectivity. Feel free to share your favorite GoT characters in the comments!

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  • Jaime

    There are some beautiful people in this cast… I haven’t seen this show, but I have thought seriously about going ahead and trying it out. I have a feeling I would enjoy it! And the eye candy!