The Strain – Q&A with Miguel Gomez

After the airing of “The Silver Angel,” we got to have a talk with one of The Strain‘s series regulars, Miguel Gomez, about his character Gus: the ex-con who was the catalyst of The Master’s reign on Manhattan.

Gomez can currently be seen in theaters in Antoine Fuqua’s Southpaw.

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Evan via TYF: Congrats on Southpaw, a fantastic film.  The two mediums of film and TV have blended so much in the last couple of decades, I was curious if is there anything that you learned on Southpaw, something as big as an Antoine Fuqua movie, that you wanted to bring on set coming back to The Strain?

Miguel: Well, I think just the intensity and the dedication that you have on an Antoine Fuqua set, especially when it comes to boxing, that commitment.  And really just working with some really great, amazing actors that I look up to, Forest Whitaker, and Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, and 50 Cent, these are all people that I admire, and how humble and how patient everyone is, and how everybody’s fighting for the same goal, everybody’s working together.  I think those are the biggest things that I learned on Southpaw.  But it’s the same on The Strain set, everybody’s dedicated, everybody’s working really hard to bring this vision to life.  So, it was just really nice to see that everybody’s really on the same page.


Evan via TYF: Gus could hold his own before, but he met a new character, Angel, last night and it looks like maybe we could have Gus learn some advanced lucha libre skills maybe coming up?

Miguel: Well, he seems like a pretty tough character.  He seems like a tough guy.  I wouldn’t really want to mess with him.  So, yes, he seems like he could be somebody that could really help in the fight.


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