Former international Big Brother players to compete on Big Brother Canada 4


The game is shifting for the upcoming season of Big Brother Canada. In what is being described as a first for the Canadian edition of the international hit reality competition, four former Big Brother players (called “houseguests” or “housemates” on the show) from around the world will campaign for the chance to enter the new house and compete alongside the Canadian houseguests as wildcards. Based on the online votes from the public, only two of these four potential houseguests – one guy and one girl – will be chosen as a full houseguest on Big Brother Canada 4.

Big Brother, like most reality shows, is known for its twists. The global franchise has seen notable game-changing moments such as twins competing as the same player, houseguests discovering they’re siblings, the show conducting a lottery to find a new player, a pregnant houseguest and let’s not forget people competing in secret pairs. International versions of the series have seen former houseguests compete in different games; from the celebrity edition to other Big Brother houses located around the world, like in India, Portugal or the United Kingdom, for example. But, this will be the first time the public will choose which international players will get a chance to compete.

The four potential houseguests come from the around globe, setting their sights on the big prize. The players are:

  1. Jase Wirey (Known for: Big Brother U.S.)

Jase has competed twice on the popular U.S. hit show – once on Big Brother 5 and the other for the All-Stars season. He has never made it far enough to earn a jury spot. His physical ability and eccentric personality could once again hurt (or maybe this time help him?) in the game.

  1. Nikki Grahame (Known for: Big Brother U.K.)

Nikki has appeared on more Big Brother versions compared to the other three on the list. Known for her princess attitude and iconic diary room sessions, she is a constant source of drama with the cast.

  1. Tim Dormer (Known for: Big Brother Australia)

Tim is currently the only Big Brother winner from this group of four. Earning the crown for Big Brother Australia 10, he is described as manipulating his way to top to win the game, but still standing up for the underdog and wanting a fair game.

  1. Veronica Graf (Known for: Big Brother Italy)

Veronica has taken the Italian press by storm. Since leaving the Big Brother Italy 13 house, she’s posed in Playboy, studied business and economics and continues to be a mainstay in the tabloids with her dating and sexual exploits. Similar to Nikki, she will be a source of drama.

Voting for the Big Brother Canada 4 twist is now open, with a closing date of Thursday, March 3 at 3 p.m. ET. Fans can head online to cast their ballot. Results will be revealed during the first week of the fourth season.

Big Brother Canada 4 premieres Wednesday, March 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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