Emmys 2016: TYF’s Dream TV Nominees


We’re living in the peak TV era, and with so many options, it seems impossible for the Television Academy to honor all of the best shows – because frankly, there are SO many of them.

Like last year, we decided to come up with another Emmys Dream Ballot, recognizing the shows and performances we’ve enjoyed the most this past season. Twenty-something of The Young Folks staffers took a survey voting for what they considered the best shows and performances. Those with the highest number of votes made our dream nominee list. As with anything voted on by a small group of people, this is just a general reflection of an eclectic group’s taste in television. There are shows like Outlander, The Walking Dead, Catastrophe and many more that almost edged their way in but didn’t make the cut.

With that all out of the way, here are The Young Folks’ 2016 Dream Emmys Nominees…

Click through the slideshow to see which shows and performances made the cut.

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