Disney Channel Masterpiece Theater: ‘Twitches’ (2005)

On this week’s edition of Disney Channel Masterpiece Theater, we’re exploring the double trouble magical adventure, Twitches. Disney Channel loves their holiday-themed movies and creating those guilty pleasures that fit the season, like during Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I can’t get enough of Halloween! Twitches had the perfect mix of what I love: magic, drama, and the return of 90’s teen stars, Tia and Tamera Mowry. I mean, I LOVED Sister, Sister when I was younger; I think that’s why Twitches was a DCOM that I had to watch.


Twitches is the story of twin sisters (Tia and Tamera, obviously) who meet each other for the first time and discover that they’re magical princesses from a different land. They were separated at birth to hide from a dangerous being that is trying to kill them. Think of it like Sister, Sister meets Harry Potter! It’s a whole new world for them, as well as us as the viewers.

As a Harry Potter fan, I love stories where people discover they’re magical for the first time. There was this new world that these twins were pulled into and a story that was bigger than just a villain after them. Two magical sisters reunited for the first time to try and save the kingdom. The idea of “twins reuniting for the first time after being separated by birth” is a tad common for a story idea. Though, as someone who definitely does not have a twin, I can’t deny that I wished it happened to me. (I will meet my non-existent twin one day!)

I felt a connection to Twitches when I watched it for the first time. DCOMs tended to feature younger characters and focus on elementary/high school storylines for a while and I wanted something different. I was 15 years old when Twitches premiered; I was one of those awkward and sarcastic preppy kids in high school. The fact that Twitches was a story about more grounded characters in their 20s felt like a breath of fresh air. Well… “grounded” with magical powers. These characters needed jobs and they went to school–it was more mature in a way.

Twitches MagicAfter re-watching it now, I still enjoy the movie, probably not as much as I used to in the past. The one thing that popped up more so this time around is that I noticed the CGI. Twitches came out in 2005 and let’s just say that it did not have the best special effects. I may have laughed a bit watching some of the scenes from the magical land. The DCOM budget and attention to detail has grown from the success of recent movies.

Though, it still is a good movie and a treasure from Halloweens past. Twitches will always join other lighthearted Halloween favorites like Halloweentown, Tower of Terror and of course, Hocus Pocus.

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