Desmin Borges Interview You’re the Worst

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Desmin Borges is playing the most genuinely likable character on a show full of ones who are strictly terrible. As Edgar, he get’s to play the role of Jimmy’s (Chris Geere) PTSD suffering roommate, who used to be a drug dealer but now has cleaned up his act and even has a girlfriend in Dorothy, played charmingly by Collette Wolfe, who, Borges mentioned in a conference call, is helping inject a sense of normalcy into Edgar’s life. However, despite playing the moral compass of the show compared to the Lindsay’s, Jimmy’s and Gretchen’s of the world, he sometimes wishes he could play Edgar as going off the rails.

“I constantly beg Stephen Falk (showrunner) to let Edgar break bad, let him shoot heroin…Before season two began I spoke to a veteran who spoke about his PTSD and they spoke how they used to look for someone to basically ‘beat the hurt out of him’ and that stayed with me. I want to explore what it would be like for Edgar to have the hurt beat out of him.”

Other highlights of the call included him comparing himself to the Ringo Starr figure of the group, the one happily drumming in the back. However, a more apt comparison was thrown out later in the conversation of Todd from Bojack Horseman as both find themselves involved in improv and both are seemingly the heart of the shows that they’re on.

He spoke about the best acting advice he was given was to “always say yes” saying that saying yes lead him to looking further into building Edgar as a character and speaking to vets.

He also spoke about this week’s terrific episode “There Is Not Currently a Problem” and how it’s really the heart of what the season is exploring. He said “…they’re all coming up to a rabbit hole-others try to grab the first who falls in but they all fall into it….it’s sexier, crazier, sadder and funnier than it’s ever been…”

With Edgar as Jimmy and Gretchen’s live in waiter, someone asked how they think the two would survive without Edgar around:

“As much as they give Edgar shit, I think they desperately need Edgar there to offset their awfulness. But also they’d never eat or drink.”

When he spoke about Dorothy (Collette Wolfe) in relation to Edgar, said “she’s a breath of fresh air…she’s a real, actual human being…hopefully she’ll add some normalcy. She’s down to earth, quirky and as nervous as Edgar.” He also spoke about how the two had worked together on a prior television show, which helps aid in their chemistry. Dorothy also, in the episode “Side Bitch” got to rail against the patriarchy in comedy, where when women are offended they’re told by their male counterparts that they need to “lighten up” or “didn’t get the joke.” Borges got a moment to touch upon this as well, saying:

“I’m very aware of the issues of the lack of women’s voices-all the way down the line. I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by very talented females.”

You’re the Worst airs Wednesday’s at 10:30 pm.

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