Debating ships: Riley/Lucas or Maya/Lucas

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

One of the famous and most talked about pop culture television triangles of the younger generation… Rucas versus Lucaya. Let’s have a chat about this shall we?

Full disclaimer: I am a Rucas shipper and have been since day one when Riley fell onto Lucas’ lap in the subway which, I might add, Maya helped happen. OK, now that that’s out of the way, where do we begin? I’ve followed and read so many speculations, fandom wars and fan-made YouTube videos to prep me for this article.

Riley/Lucas AKA Rucas

Riley and Lucas have been solid since day one. Their story literally started with the very first Girl Meets World episode and Riley’s mini crush obsession was mentioned if not all but most episodes in season one. Everyone knew how much she adored Lucas and Lucas finally reciprocated the feelings in “Girl Meets First Date.” They’ve both been very vocal about how they felt about each other throughout every season! I really have nothing to say about Rucas because it seems pretty clear why they are endgame…

On the other hand…

Maya/Lucas AKA Lucaya

This “relationship” is so left field. I don’t understand why this happened, but I’m sure the time will come this season where we’ll finally understand why this somewhat romance even bloomed in the first place. I think the thing that confuses me the most about it is the fact Maya flat-out put her feelings on the line for Cory’s younger brother, Joshua Matthews, during season one. How are the writers about to bring in a nonexistent match up into the mix? Mind you, Maya’s realization for her true “feelings” for Lucas started halfway into season two.

But, let’s take a step back to “Girl Meets Yearbook” where Maya pretends to be Riley to show her why being Riley is great. Maya sprawls out into a whole spiel and realizes she loves Lucas like a brother. This left everyone mind blown thinking Riley was meant to friend-zone him this whole time, which is why Riley said this to Lucas in “Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)”. BUT, was Maya really talking about being in Riley’s shoes or Maya’s own shoes? That part confuses me. Up until Texas, there was no evidence that Maya even had any ounce of feelings toward Lucas. Then suddenly after “Girl Meets Yearbook” and “Girl Meets Semi-Formal”, things got all weird.  

I feel as if the moment Josh does come back, things will shift back to normal. I just cannot get over the fact that the writers would build up this whole commotion with Maya and Joshua where she was obviously swooning over him and then just forego that whole storyline altogether. Um?

Does anyone else feel as if the whole Lucaya thing seems forced too? It’s just not as genuine as Rucas. I feel as if Maya pushes herself to say certain things out of spite. Even in season three, she often refers to “the triangle” in a joking fashion or asks for compliments from Lucas as soon as he gives one to Riley as to make things equal but even then that seems super forced.

And the kicker! Let’s not forget the flashback scene when Riley and Farkle were arguing outside of Topanga’s, during “Girl Meets Texas (Part 3).” Farkle knows. Riley knows. Everyone knows. Riley is in “love” with Lucas and Lucas feels the same way but the fact that they’re still trying to understand their feelings is making everything all mixed up.

Michael Jacobs, what are you doing to me? I shouldn’t be so focused on this triangle but I am. If you’re like me, you cannot wait for this whole ordeal to blow over. What are your thoughts on the triangle?

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