Heroes Reborn Review: Game Over


I think it’s gotten to a point where I hate myself. I really do. It’s not because I’m a self-centered cynical bastard who hates myself when I look at the mirror and realize I’m a critic, but because as a critic who embodies hate in a show that deserves no love had me almost at tears at the end. We’re given episode/chapter six last night, and for the life of me, I don’t know why I rewatched it before I wrote this. Here’s the thing, THEY ARE FINALLY HEADING BACK IN TIME. AT THIS POINT I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.

Here’s the issue you’re going to have reading this; I hated it. I really did. So much so that my self-loathing came from that. The episode built poor tension; let us know that Harris is one oblivious, dumb, motherfucker; and Hiro’s return. The fact is that if Erika Kravid, who if I’m remembering clearly, wants to get rid of all EVOS for a better future; tell me what makes one so sure that she won’t betray their ass on the corner where they are putting other EVOS.

I have now realized that this show finally just doesn’t give a shit if it’s cohesive or not. Like instead of hiring Ivy League grads, they pick up community college grads who think a B in rhetoric/English actually means something. (Just an assumption)

I had a metaphorical gun to my temple and the trigger was pulled when, before everything I mentioned in the latter, Quentin was killed. I ACTUALLY CARED. I didn’t want. Or rather I wouldn’t want to. Actually I really didn’t care for him. But his younger sister closes his curtains… YAWN. Though it has me in a constant state of fear that my sister would possibly kill me for being overbearing in her personal life, i.e. boys. In reality that wouldn’t happen, but I can’t tell the future; maybe those workers in the room, where everything went to hell, probably know.

A real burner comes from the story between Taylor and Francis. I bet you were asking yourself “who the fuck is Francis?” during your viewing of the episode. But if you remembered, I give you kudos for caring, cause I sure as hell don’t. For those who don’t know, he was that one off guy who tried to seduce Molly Walker, or was it the other way around? Either way, Taylor is pregnant. HER KID COULD BE AN EVO! I don’t know what’s worse, dating a black guy to make your rich white parents angry or having a kid with an EVO to make your progressive rich soulless mother angry.

Is this show supposed to be an allegory for the multiple witch-hunts we are known for? Is the show trying to tell us we are all stupid and horrible human beings? SERIOUSLY! Someone tell me cause this show is so bad, I can’t tell if I’m just a horrible person or if the show is just bad, with bad intentions. I tend to believe the latter for the most part.

The writing was very generic as usual, that all of this I mentioned never bodied a lot of gravitas. I really didn’t care for anything. At least it wasn’t filler. Oh did I mention the story line given to Zachery Levi? He has the worst character development I’ve ever seen, well in a long ass time. Here’s the thing, he had well intentioned ideas of what it means to reprimand for what he lost, then he becomes what he hates (his wife hates him too), then he tries to kill himself, and now he sings a bittersweet song of redemption and goes off to find Tommy, the transporter who will save the world. And I do say it is bittersweet because the overall idea is sweet, but the show made it way too bitter. LIKE HOW? I need to stop before I give myself an aneurism… EVERYTHING WAS BAD…


That is my rating.



Kevin Montes is one sarcastically satirical dude. He’s usually at home watching hours of comedy and television, primarily Simpsons. Kevin aspires to be a TV writer, a joke writer, and composer for all things Harmony Korine. You can reach him on twitter @iamkevinmontes to further ask about all things Simpsons.