Biggest Nostalgic ‘Boy Meets World’ moments in ‘Girl Meets World’ So Far

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Finding Boy Meets World easter eggs in Girl Meets World is one of my favorite things ever. Some are more obvious than others. For instance, I never noticed this until one of the latest episodes but Cory has the following quote hanging on his wall: Dream. Try. Do Good.

But there are just other moments that pull at your heartstrings and bring you back to the original series, that we all know and love. I’m talking about when certain characters come back for a reunion or when they pull flashback scenes to refer to Cory Matthews’ younger life. Here are some of the biggest nostalgic BMW moments in GMW so far.

Girl Meets Pluto: The time capsule they buried fifteen years ago containing items like Angela’s backpack which foreshadows to a later episode…

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga: The famous lipstick poem scene and sock basketball game is brought back into our lives.

Girl Meets The New Teacher: I always wondered what happened to Mr. Turner after his motorcycle accident…

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrel Goes to Washington: Jaws dropped everywhere when Eric says, “Tommy?!”

Girl Meets Maya’s Mother: Minkus. MINKUS! Who’s married to Jennifer Bassett Minkus. You know, the girl who helped handcuff Shawn to help Angela steer clear from him? HA! Also to note… Topanga still counts her A’s.

Girl Meets The Forgotten: One word: “Baboon.”

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays: Remember Cory’s little brother Josh? Well, he’s not so little anymore!

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