Best of the Bad: ‘Teen Wolf’ Villains Ranked


The inclusion of a good villain can make or break a show or film. When a villain becomes too monotonous or hammy, when they’re shoehorned in for dramatic effect or have little to offer the premise, they become a distraction. Teen Wolf on the whole hasn’t ever been that great with crafting their villains, typically falling into any of the mentioned blunders above, and oftentimes numerous ones at once. Teen Wolf is a television series that survives on the charm and likability of its leads and the generally “fun” atmosphere the show brings. However, season five is already promising new baddies and new hurdles for Scott’s pack to face, so, in preparation for what I’m hoping is an improvement on season four, here are most of the villains from the show so far ranked.

Let us know in the comments which villain has been your favorite!

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  • Piper

    Nogitsune is the best I think :)