Bachelor In Paradise: Who To Keep An Eye On In Paradise

Now that JoJo and Jordan are riding off into the sunset as a happily engaged couple, it’s time to introduce us to all the misfits that haven’t found love on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. The third season of the hit summer Bachelor spinoff Bachelor in Paradise starts tonight. Dozens of former contestants that are still searching for love are going to get that chance on an island. Before all the mingling and meltdowns begin, let’s take a look at some of the contestants that are sure to create some drama in paradise:



It goes without saying that Chad is the most likely villain of this show. JoJo’s reject has made a name for himself. From scaring the crap out of his housemates on the show to tearing through all the meat in catering, not to mention being linked to several exes of the guys from his season. Chad is one of the least liked people in the show’s history. He’s a lock to stir up a whole lot of controversy in paradise. Certainly someone who will be a focus of the season.



The runner-up in Andi and Kaitlyn’s season just can’t seem to get away from The Bachelor spotlight. He’s back at it again, this time in paradise. He’s kinda like Chad, just the sneaky and quieter version. Nick has a reputation for not getting along with the guys in his season. He’s quite the ladies man, and usually has a strategy on how to attain one. He will definitely be involved in multiple romances on the show. Lots of drama follows Nick, don’t expect any less in paradise.



The twins from Ben’s season are coming to paradise. They are a whole lot of chatter and gossip. Will they be pursuing the same guy again? Will they team-up against the other women? How will the guys decipher which one is which? The twins are cute and fun. You can bet on a lot of commentary from them.



Move over crying Jordan meme, Ashley I. is the queen of the crying meme, as evidenced by all the tears she’s shed on the show since her introduction during Chris Soule’s season. Last season, Ashley I. was the talk of paradise and she did a whole lot of crying. Her affection for Jared is borderline creepy. Jared is back in paradise again. Will Ashley still be crazy about Jared, or will there be a new man who meets her eye? Whatever the case may be, expect Ashley I. to be the talk of paradise, again.



The winner of Andi’s season is making his Bachelor in Paradise début. He’s said to be joining the show at a later time (isn’t mentioned on the initial cast list), so he might be the surprise entrant that changes the game. Once a frontrunner to be The Bachelor, Murray is sure to get the attention of many of the women in paradise. It will be interesting to see if there are still any sour grapes with Nick Viall? Have the two patched things up after Andi picked Murray over Viall? I’m expecting Murray to be a midseason surprise that will rock the show.

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