Bachelor In Paradise: Trouble In Jaredise

Jared’s Love Triangle

With the arrival of Ashley I. in paradise, the man named Jared is officially on a hot seat. The Ashley and Jared romance can be traced back to last season of BIP. It didn’t work the first time around, considering Jared had already friend zoned her. Jared just started getting his romance with Caila going, but now Ashley has arrived to interrupt that.

Last night Ashley’s dreams briefly came to fruition when Caila decided to go on a date with newcomer Brett the “lamp guy”. The dude from Andi’s season who came out of the limo with an actual lamp; that’s all that should be remembered about him. Ashley cried a dozen times before that, held off on some tears when Jared was left alone, then cried again when Caila returned from her date with lamp man.

Caila and Brett getting cozy on a boat Credit: ABC

So now Caila is threatened by Ashley who is threatened by Caila, all while Jared is confused, falling in love with Caila and ready to leave paradise. Got all that? I barely did. This is where it’s at right now. In simpler terms, Caila might be into Jared, Ashley is in love with Jared and Jared is falling in love with Caila. This is a mess. I expect Jared to stick with Caila and get dumped by her in the end. Speaking of a mess, that brings us to Vinny…

Vinny Getting Blindsided 

The most stable (boring) couple in paradise has been Vinny and Izzy. These two have been connected from the start. If anyone was going to get hitched in paradise, it was these two. The arrival of the “lamp guy” sure has stirred up a lot though. Apparently Izzy is smitten with him. She even went up to him to tell him that, with Vinny laying and looking at them from a few yards away. Izzy ends up telling Vinny she’s questioning their romance, now that’s a low blow. The guy seemed like he was ready to get on one knee for her. Looks like Vinny will be leaving paradise. I don’t expect this romance to continue.

What We Learned From The Episode:

The “lamp guy” Brett has created quite the storm. Not bad for a guy that no one knew when he arrived. He totally looks like a crew member. Did Brett turn the lights off on the hottest couple? We will find out soon.

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