Bachelor In Paradise: Time’s Running Out For Nick & Evan



Things aren’t too hot for Evan and Nick in paradise. Josh Murray arrived and immediately stole Amanda away from Nick. He has yet to find anyone else and recover. Evan, however, had the hammer dropped on him when Carly finally told him (in the nicest way possible) that he can’t kiss. Oh, and she also broke up with him. Mini fling is over. With an impending women’s choice rose ceremony, where does that leave Nick and Evan? Who could salvage their stay? Here are some possibilities:


He was all about Carly. He had nothing else brewing with any other woman. Carly is definitely not going to be giving him her rose, even though she’s lacking a suitor. At the conclusion of last episode, Evan walked up and interrupted the continuous make out session between Amanda and Josh. Evan’s aiming high and going for the most desired woman in paradise. He has better chances of swimming back to the States, than he does in getting a date with Amanda. Evan is toast, even though the previews showed Caila arriving, which brings me to Nick….

Evan: 85% GONE


Something tells me this guy will weasel his way to a rose. It’s just in his nature. Nick was hot and heavy with Amanda, briefly, until Josh Murray arrived and ruined that. The last couple of episodes Nick has been moping around trying to figure out his next target, because it sure doesn’t seem to be Amanda anymore. The impending arrival of Caila gives Nick some hope to stick around. Assuming she arrives before the rose ceremony. The previews show Nick’s strong reaction to Caila’s arrival, so that suggests he’s going after her. Knowing Nick’s strategic and scheming ways, he’ll probably find some way to stick around. Caila is his best bet at accomplishing that.

Nick: 65% STAYS

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. Who do you think will be staying or going?

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