Bachelor in Paradise: Hurricane Murray On High Alert


Mt. Murray Erupts

Josh Murray is out of control. As paradise is winding down, the drama seems to be escalating. At the forefront of it is Josh. His relationship with Amanda is constantly being questioned and an outburst from the hot-headed Josh was inevitable. When the barbie twins (Haley & Emily) eliminated themselves, they couldn’t leave paradise without making sure their best friend Amanda is aware of Josh’s questionable behavior. Josh confronts the entire cast and gets into a verbal war of jabs with his longtime nemesis Nick. No punches were thrown, but boy did it get heated and semi scary.

This was a long time coming. Josh hasn’t gotten a positive production edit this season. He’s been labeled as a pizza devouring, angry meathead, that’s not genuine. Once Chad left early on in the season, a new villain had to be created, cue Josh. Whether his feelings for Amanda are genuine or not remains to be seen, but the outburst was one of the better and more dramatic moments of this entire season so far. It was a no-brainer to capitalize on the Nick-Josh longtime rivalry that dates back Andi’s season of The Bachelorette.

Jared’s Triangle of Love

The Jared-Caila-Ashley saga is out of control. Jared wants Ashley to leave him and Caila alone, but she refuses to do that. This Jared-Ashley story is getting too repetitive, dating back to last season of Bachelor in Paradise. They won’t ever be together, and she can’t seem to grasp it. First it was funny, now it’s annoying. Jared got a lease on his romance with the arrival of Wells, who he hoped would lure Ashley away from him. Wells tried, but didn’t succeed. Ultimately Caila cant’ take it anymore and leaves. Jared follows her out of paradise, marking the end of the triangle of love.

I’m glad to see this finally end. I don’t like Caila and Jared as a couple, mainly because Caila seems very manipulative and fake. Ashley is just plain crazy in love with Jared, it’s not good television seeing her mercifully beg for his attention. On the after show, Jared and Caila admitted to briefly dating after the show. Their romance is officially over, and Ashley is back chatting up Jared.

From Russia with Love

Shushanna the Russian bombshell arrives in paradise in hopes to seduce newcomer Wells. She accomplishes that quickly. With Jared gone, Wells might be the most desired guy there. Only in this world would this be a possibility, where a puny man gets all this love from the women. Aside from having the stunning Russian after him, he’s also involved with Ashley and new arrival Jami.

I don’t get this whole Wells thing. He is such a goofball, yet he’s juggling three women? This isn’t hard to figure out. No way he ends up with crazy Ashley. Jami seems to irrelevant and boring to be the choice. Sushanna could be his pick, but her aggression and sex appeal might scare him away, so I predict he ends up alone at the end.

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