From EW: Baby Daddy’s Melissa Peterman Discusses the Surprising Season 4 Finale

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I contribute coverage of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy for Entertainment Weekly’s The Community blog. Read an excerpt from my interview with Melissa Peterman discussing the season four finale of Baby Daddy below!

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Baby Daddy season finale.

You’re not alone if you’re reeling over that big cliffhanger at the end of tonight’s season finale of Baby Daddy, in which Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) and Brad’s (Peter Porte) wedding day doesn’t quite go as planned. The trouble is all due to Charlotte (guest star Reba McEntire), who tries to sabotage Bonnie’s big day as part of a personal revenge plot. The day is so tumultuous that Bonnie and Brad decide not to get married, but that wasn’t the only surprise in store: Danny (Derek Theler) steps up, reveals his feelings to Riley (Chelsea Kane), and asks her to marry him.

The EW Community caught up with Peterman about the onscreen Reba reunion , her thoughts on Bonnie as a character and feminist, and her reaction to Danny’s big surprise.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: How was reuniting with Reba McEntire?

MELISSA PETERMAN: It really felt like no time had passed as far as making it funny together. It felt like we had just done it yesterday, but it was like that thing where you are inviting your best friend to meet your new friends and you want everything to be very nice and pretty. And you know, I was like, “Everyone clean this place up! It’s Reba! She’s coming!” I was really proud to show her off to my new cast that I adore, and to show her this new cast that I talk about all the time. We’re in contact all of the time; we’re friends, so she knows I’m super happy with the cast. She was excited to meet them, and they clicked. She loved them; we hung out with Chelsea, Peter, and Tahj [Mowry, who plays Tucker Dobbs]. She just adores them. And they adore her—that’s a given.

It was great seeing you two together again. I liked that this time Reba was more of a frenemy; she wasn’t what people were expecting.

I liked that it was a bit of a play with the whole Barbra Jean and Reba thing. I was kind of the woman—not kind of, I married her ex-husband. In this one, we’re the best of friends. She thinks I did her wrong, and with good intentions, she’s coming back for a little bit of revenge. The best revenge is to go for my man; she went after Brad. I mean, why wouldn’t she? It was really fun. She got to be the frenemy, which I’m sure was fun for her too. And I have to say, what I loved was that the one person in our cast who figures her out is Tucker, played by Tahj. We went through so many times how much she liked working with Tahj. I love that scene; it was one of my favorite scenes, even though I’m not in it. Which is hard for an actor—I hate to say that—but it was great seeing her and Tahj together. They were perfect.

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