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So, remember that part of Avengers: Age of Ultron where the whole crew has to check into a rural hideaway for a halftime breather? Wait, what? The show already beat me to the punch on that joke? Damn it. Smooth move, guys. So, that’s where we pick up here on Part 2 of Heroes Join Forces 2015, part 1 of which was covered on The Flash. You can check out Ally’s review here before we get started: The Flash 2×08 “Legends of Today”


Kendra and Carter

Our flashbacks on Arrow this time around don’t cover Oliver on Lian Yu, but the beginning of Kendra’s journey as Hawkgirl back in ancient Egypt, where Savage is a priest in possession of the Staff of Horus: a powerful artifact that I would have spelled very differently if not for DC Wikis.

A lot of Kendra’s screen time is occupied by her fretting over her destiny, and awkwardly becoming ok with instinctual feelings to care about Carter in that eternal, incestuous way. However, by the episodes end, it was nice to see a character who captures the relief of being young and finding a sense of direction for her life. 

The strange thing about her character’s development is that there is still some clear chemistry between her and Cisco, despite her newfound history and his hair being more strongly conditioned. The two episodes have set up the relationship between the centuries old siblings as best as they can, but all I can say is that we may not have seen the end of #Cisckenra, he is the one who got her powers working after all.

Vandal Savage

“I tried googling ‘reincarnated nutjobs’ and came up with nothing.” Same, Thea. Same.


This man is one creepy guy, and even creepier is the fact that our usual creep, Malcolm Merlyn, is completely terrified of the mystery of this thousand-year metahuman poacher. Where Savage has previously been portrayed as an immoral criminal mastermind, this version of him appears to have made him a greasy, Rasputin-type, with more similarities to Kraven the Hunter from Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise.

His knife skills are impressive, but I’m curious how his motivations will pan out as the main villain in Legends of Tomorrow.


Great Scott, Barry!

Here, Barry gets to play Groundhog Day for the first time in Season Two, as he notices that he “ghosted” himself early on in the episode similarly to how he jumped timelines around this time last year. I was terrified of Barry somehow jumping into a third timeline leaving his teammates abandoned in his first, alternate timeline, but it appears that entire version of Central City, or even the Earth, was obliterated by Savage and his Staff of Horus.



Oliver Messing with Timelines

William is a child who Oliver conceived with a girl named Samantha back in, like, 2007 or something. This is a plot point that I have no memory of, and I’m told, that is because it happened during season 2, the rest of which was completely awesome. Oliver’s sudden need and desire to be a dad is a decent evolution of him as a character, but the context that surrounds this illegitimate child is what makes William matter, from suddenly having the despicable actions of Moira Queen’s bribery come back to haunt Oliver, or the fact that Felicity’s reaction to Oliver’s layering of lies nearly ended their relationship in one timeline, and in the alternate, hasn’t the slightest clue thanks to Barry’s spoiler alert before Oliver even thinks of running a DNA test. This sincerely has me wonder if Felicity is the one to die, judging from the fact that Oliver is notably visited by Barry at the gravestone in the season premiere, and Barry himself warned Oliver about the consequences of adjusting the destiny of a timeline.


ArrowxFlash 4×08 “Heroes of Yesterday” (9/10)


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