Opening Credits for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ leave us itching to check in

Ryan Murphy has released the opening credits of the upcoming “American Horror Story: Hotel” and it has me creeped out…in ways only Ryan Murphy can. In true AHS fashion, no characters make their way into the opening credits. Instead, we are treated to sexual innuendo, undead toddlers, nightmarish mattress monsters, tons of blood, and the ruining of the Ten Commandments.

After checking out the video, I can’t wait to see how Murphy introduces the iconic Lady Gaga into his anthology series. This season seems to bring back the horror and gore found in season one’s ‘Murder House’, something fans pointed out were missing in the last two seasons.

Check in to ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ starting this Wednesday, October 7 and follow us along as I review each episode this season.

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