A Peek Into iZombie Season One



Hooked on iZombie? We are too! We got to sit down with Dianne Ruggiero, Rob Thomas, and some of the cast at WonderCon and they gave us the scoop on what’s to come!


Here are 5 things to look forward to in the upcoming season:


1.) Bradley James

What to look forward about Bradley James? “Well, Bradley James!” says Diane Ruggiero, “The character is very charming and if you have a Bradley thing you will be more than satisfied.”

Rob Thomas teases, “I can tell you that Major is, for reasons that you are well aware of, sort of off limits to Liv but we did what her to have some romance in her life. Romance is only possible for her right now with other zombies and we may meet a cute zombie. An adorable zombie might be coming down the pike!”

But Rose McIver thinks Liv might not be swept away by the potential romance, “She’s not over her relationship with at all, she is only not with Major because she’s a zombie so the idea of pursuing a new relationship has certain challenges.”


2.) Major-ly Awesome Development

“There’s a big change in the character that comes.” Ruggiero says, “In the beginning you might think he’s a romantic foil who’s just going to sit there and look pretty and be funny and that’s not what’s going to happen. That character takes a very different journey and it’s Robert Buckley knocks it out of the park.”

Robert Buckley is excited about where he gets to take Major. This comes into play with Major’s work at a shelter for at-risk kids He says “When these kids start going missing Major starts to investigate is when things take a turn towards the dark and curious.”


3.) Brain Games

Each week on iZombie, Liv seems to get into more and more hijinks caused by the brain of the week, and there are no plans to slow that down. “One of the things I love the most about the show is the different kinds of brain she eats.” Ruggiero says, “So we have one that I’m particularly fond of, which is that she eats the brain of a shut-in who is also a hacker/computer-gaming kind of nerd and that is a super fun episode and one that I’m really excited about.”

Ruggiero is also excited to show just how far they can push the envelope, “One thing that we do later that’s pretty cool is that she double dips. So she has one brain and goes from that brain to the other and that’s pretty cool and it’s pretty cool to show that experience.”


4.) The Deep Existential Stuff

Talking about zombie romance seemed to cause some awkward hypotheticals says Rob Thomas “Yes we go there! There is some internal monologue about the lack of possibility for um zombie babies. We have lengthy conversations in the writer’s room about what zombie sex would actually entail.”

So will the show acknowledge this very awkward reality? “There’s an episode where Liv eats the brain of a schizophrenic and she starts hearing voices in her head and some of that writers’ room discussion made it into the schizophrenic voices in her head. I feel uncomfortable but do zombies ejaculate? These are the sorts of questions we ask in the writer’s room. Hard hitting questions like that, and that comes out in some of the voices that Liv hears in her head.”


5.) One Life to Liv

At the end of the day, this show is about the humanity in all of us, even zombies. With so much of the show wrapped up in how different brains affect Liv, we asked Rose McIver how she translates that into Liv’s journey. “I really do want Liv’s personal journey that she’s on throughout this season to read with integrity. She is still very much focused on and trying to make big life decisions not caught in the everyday whim of the character.” McIver says, “Making sure she feels the influence of the brain but is still at her heart Liv, and the Liv who she was, and Liv who she’s going to be, more than just the novelty of the brain.”


Sink your teeth into iZombie episode 5, “Flight of the Living Dead” when it premieres tonight at 9pm on The CW.

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  • Julie Wood

    This is a very interesting show with a great cast and I am riveted when I watch this show probably for the main female character! She is really good!