More Guests Added to Denver Comic Con 2013 Line-Up

With less than 3 months away until Denver Comic Con 2013 big names are still being added to the billing. While there has been a slight increase in ticket prices with all these people coming to the convention it’s worth the extra increase. As mentioned in the last Denver Comic Con update, Stan Lee, George Takei and Felicia Day were just a few of the people set to appear. Since then a slew of fine people have been slated to join them.


Nelsan Ellis– Fans of HBO’s True Blood will recognize Ellis as Bon Temps’ resident sass machine Lafayette Reynolds. What fans may not know about him is that the actor was trained at the prestigious Julliard school. While he’s probably best known for True Blood, Ellis has been in other works such as The Help, The Soloist, and The Express.



Moritat– With his amazing attention to detail and distinctive style this up-in-coming comic book artist is taking the comic book world by storm. Fans would recognize his work on “Elephantmen” and “The Spirit”. As of now he works on DC Comic’s All-Star Western. You can check out some of his work here.



Ramona Fradon– Fradon is a legend in the comic book world. She’s been working on comics since 1950. She has been credited with creating Aquaman’s ever faithful sidekick Aqualad, and helped co-create the DC superhero Metamorpho. She’s best known for illustrating the comic Super Friends from 1977-1981. Check out some of Fradon’s work here.



Jeffrey Brown– When it comes to cartoon satire no one does it best than Jeffrey Brown. The Chicago cartoonist has done it all from directing a Death Cab for Cutie video to being on the New York Times Best Seller list. There’s no denying that Mr. Brown is one talented man. Check out some of his work here.

These are just some of the many guests that will appear at Denver Comic Con 2013. If you’re interested in going tickets are still on sale here. As time goes on I’ll continue delivering news as more guests pop up.

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