7 Movies to Avoid if You’ve Recently Adopted a Healthy Lifestyle

Rtumblr_mu4n6pcQGu1rxgaoqo3_250ecently, I’ve decided to take a stab at this whole “healthy lifestyle” thing. As an avid foodie, I tend to enjoy trying new foods and restaurants in my city–so being healthy isn’t always easy. One of the things I find solace in when attempting to be healthy and keeping from eating unhealthy food is entertaining myself by watching movies. However, I never noticed how many movies actually have to do with food! Or better yet, how many movies just make me want to eat! So I decided to put together a list of some movies (in no particular order) that I should avoid in order to not give into the temptation of eating. Warning: these movies WILL ABSOLUTELY make you hungry. In fact, I’m going to try to get through this post without having my mouth water over every line and image. Wait…maybe this wasn’t such a good idea?


tumblr_nfntqg7HSj1qetniqo1_400If this movie doesn’t make you hungry, I’m convinced you have no taste buds. The film stars Jon Favreau, a chef who quits his demanding job in a Los Angeles restaurant in search of some autonomy. He finds himself collaborating with his ex-wife (played by Sofia Vergara) in Miami and launching a food truck business with the help of his son and best friend. A lot of the food he cooks is inspired by classic Cuban dishes, including Mojo Pork and Cuban Sandwiches, which definitely makes me want to get in my car and travel to the nearest Miami Restaurant to eat up the whole place!


tumblr_nort2t7M5M1t88tfio4_250Alright, I know what you’re thinking… Yes, I know this is animated food, but it doesn’t make it any less delicious than real food. This movie helped me discover my love for the cheese, fruits and nuts combination. In the Disney movie, a Parisian rat with a sophisticated palate wants nothing more than to be a chef. Inspired by his favorite chef, Chef Gusteau, and his book titled Anyone Can Cook!, he befriends a human named Linguini, who needs a little help in the kitchen in order to make a name for himself. The classic dish, ratatouille, is actually quite healthy, as it’s just a bunch of vegetables in a sort of stew. However, the other foods in the movie definitely make you want to hit up the cheese aisle at your local grocery store. Be warned.


tumblr_m3bo301iKn1r3eltro1_500This movie is the ultimate chocolate lover’s fantasy…and I’m not just talking about Johnny Depp eating chocolate while guitar playing and having a sexy accent. Okay, maybe that’s a large part of it. But this movie seriously makes me want to abandon all healthy eating and consume all the chocolate in the world. This severely underrated movie starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp is about a woman with a mysterious past who moves into a small town in France that is heavily influenced by traditional Catholic ideals. Just in time for Lent, when Catholics are supposed to stay away from temptation (including chocolate), she opens a ‘Chocolaterie’ (French for chocolate factory) and bonds with the townspeople in unimaginable ways. There’s a scene where she makes hot chocolate with chili powder for Judi Dench that will make you feel like you’re the one drinking the damn thing. It’s so good and so bad! Oh, and did I mention she makes all of her treats from scratch…including crushing cocoa beans? Delicious!


Now, I haven’t seen this movie as much as the next foodie, but every time I have it has made me increasingly…well, STARVED. It also makes me want to cook things, with butter. Which is just not healthy at all. The way Julia Child approached the culinary world by storm by cooking with heart along with skill is admirable and envious. I wish I could cook like that…and eat it all. Cook everything in that movie and just eat it. It’s just not fair.



First of all, if you have never had a White Castle burger, stop what you’re doing and go try some. You might only find them in the freezer aisle and it’s not the same, but it will have to do for now. If you’re eating healthy, like me, then maybe you should hold off on it. This movie is a crazy good time! It seriously makes me want to put on some stretchy pants and just eat as many of these tiny delicious burgers as I can. All the time they spend talking up the burgers just makes my mouth water…oh no, it’s happening again. HELP!



Okay, we get it. The students at Hogwarts can eat, especially that Ron Weasley. Man, that kid makes everything look delicious. He even eats candy like it’s a decadent grilled sandwich. Also, I’ve never wanted a drumstick so much than right now, as I watch this cute little ginger double fist that chicken. It’s funny, because you think you’re safe watching a movie about magic, but that is clearly not the case. Those feast scenes really wake up my appetite a little more than I would like to admit. Damn that Ronald Weasley!


SpanglishEven though this movie is not entirely loved by most, I actually like it. It explores a lot of the ups and downs a family goes through, and I think people are harsh because people have something against Adam Sandler. His character is a chef, and in this one particular scene, he makes what is probably the most wicked sandwich I’ve ever seen. It’s probably nothing crazy in the sandwich, but the way it gets cut, and the way that poached egg just oozes out is perfection. Truly wicked, it’s honestly evil. Naturally, it’s pictured here. I want it and I want it now.

So there we have it. Movies you want to save for your cheat days! What other movies make you hungry?


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    Yes! And add Chef to this list too

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      It’s number 1! LOL Its one of my favorite Foodie movies!