2015 Northside Festival

Now in its sixth year of existence, the remarkably entertaining Northside Festival returns to McCarren Park once again this year to showcase the best bands, films, and innovations to the city area. With more than fifty bands playing in venues around the park, as well as an even larger number of films and businesses.

The festival is divided up into three separate parts, the Northside Film, Northside Music, and Northside Innovations of the week-long event, which took place from June 8 to 14. With each aspect of the festival receiving its due attention, it comes to no surprise that people all around have held their sold out tickets for months in advance just to get access to some of the most up and coming bands, filmmakers, and businesses this year has seen.

There were a number of venues for each aspect of the festival. For the music venues, places, all in Brooklyn and around McCarren Park, including Baby’s All Right, Rough Trade NYC, Pete’s Candy Store, Union Pool, Warsaw, and more. As for films, the locations in the surrounding areas were Nitehawk Cinema, Wythe Screening Room, Union Docs, and Videology. And for Innovation, the Wythe Main Stage, the Brooklyn Brewery, Kinfolk Studios, and Wythe Screening Room were all areas were you could catch up on new products and ideas.

As for the festival itself, there was a large number of bands present at the music part of week. Against Me!, Flying Pace, Gypsy George, Jacco Gardner, Nevada Nevada, PC Worship, Run The Jewels, The Business, and over 50 more.

A direct look inside Stanford Prison Experiment is offered with The Stanford Prison Experiment film about the 1971 psychological test. Valedictorian, They Look Like People, Tired Moonlight, A Day’s Work, and more feature length films have been played, while a tremendous amount of shorts have seen their debut as well, like Terms of Intimacy, Eye in Tuna Care, Business Work, and more.

And to conclude with innovation, people from famous companies as well as cool start-ups all came to show what they and their products are made of. Gawker’s Nick Denton and The New Republic’s Guy Vidra were in attendance, as were people from This American Life, Elite Daily, Glossier, Ello, Bonobos, and countless other authors, filmmakers, techies, builders, and more.

Stay tuned to hear more about 2016 Northside and get to hear all of the cool venues and events Northside has to offer.

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