TV Review: Younger Season 2 Finale “No Weddings and a Funeral”


This week’s season finale episode of Younger was filled with loss and heartache.

The episode picks up at Thad’s funeral where we find out that he had an identical twin named, Chad. He’s the more honest, vegan, kind version of Thad. He’s also definitely into Kelsey giving her hugs that last longer than appropriate. But more than anything he’s determined to find out more about Thad’s death. He’s looking for answers and is in possession of Thad’s laptop which I can already tell will mean trouble for Liza in season three.

The twin plot twist was unexpected, and I’m sure will be interesting to watch unfold in the future. It was also good to see that actor Dan Amboyer will be sticking around.

Liza is feeling extremely guilty at the funeral and is about to tell Kelsey absolutely everything, but thankfully Maggie reminds her about the terrible timing.


Josh arrives at the funeral and there’s some feelings that rise to the surface between him and Liza. They end up back at his place for some “mourning sex,” but the romance is interrupted by Greta, Josh’s actual girlfriend who has a key. Sidenote: Liza never had a key. Liza has no choice but to hide in the fire escape, and needless to say, she’s not thrilled about it.

There’s no time to grieve the next day at work, Diana and Liza have to prep for celebrity astrologer Stephanie Smith. Kelsey shows up at work to try to keep her mind off the pain she’s going through.  What’s driving her even more insane amidst the grief is that she hasn’t been able to shed a single tear.

Kelsey’s on edge and flips out on the celebrity astrologer saying that people’s love destiny can’t be predicted, for obvious reasons. Chad arrives at Kelsey’s office with surveillance footage of Thad’s last moments which shows that Liza was present when the awful accident occurred. Liza is forced to tell the truth, but she only confesses to the part where she was confronting Thad about his infidelity. Kelsey reacts in a terribly unexpected way telling Liza that it wasn’t her place to be the “morality police,” even excusing Thad’s indiscretion since everyone is human and makes mistakes. I know Kelsey is mourning, but I felt it’s once again apparent the lack of self-respect she had for herself in that relationship.

Anyways, she goes on to say that maybe if Liza hadn’t gone to confront Thad he would still be alive. It was an ugly scene to witness. Kelsey is hurting really bad, but Liza’s feelings were crushed too. She decides the best thing to do is leave Empirical immediately. She quits with the excuse that she’s been given an offer somewhere else that she can’t refuse.

Everyone is in an uproar trying to figure out where Liza is working to try to bring her back. Kelsey realized the mistake she made by saying those things to Liza, and Diana has also realized via a terrible temp assistant how good Liza was at her job.

It turns out Liza is back in New Jersey working retail at Paramus Mall. Lauren’s mom runs into Liza and gives Kelsey the heads up of her location. Seeing that Liza isn’t returning any of Kelsey’s messages Charles decides to go find her. He persuades her to think about returning to Empirical and ends his convincing statement with a smooch on the lips!


OH MAN! You can tell that kiss rocked Liza’s world as much as it did ours. Charles has got it going on. It’s hard for me to say that because I love Josh as much (minus his recent behavior).

The kiss may have done the trick because we see that Liza swiftly returns to Empirical. When Kelsey sees her back at the office she apologizes profusely for her harsh words and suddenly the tears begin to flow for the first time since Thad’s death. It’s an extremely emotive moment where Hilary Duff does an impeccable job at conveying all of Kelsey’s bottled up and conflicted feelings. Another great moment was when Kelsey says, “Don’t ever leave me again,” my heart melted at this beautiful BFF make-up scene.


All seems well and as Liza is arriving back home at the end of the day, Josh is waiting at the front steps. The “mourning sex” meant more than he expected, and he wants her back, no matter what that means, “he’s all in.”

And with that season two ends!


A whirlwind love triangle is sure to brew for this upcoming season, and I can’t wait! I have not chosen a ship to give my allegiance to, but Liza sure is a lucky gal in a difficult dilemma.

Chad won’t be going away anytime soon, and it’s a ticking time bomb to see if he discovers Liza’s secret like Thad did – which means that Liza still isn’t off the hook. Will she ever tell Kelsey her whole truth? Will the conviction she felt at the funeral of her lie going too far be strong enough for her to confess or will it fade away now that things seem to have gotten better?

So many unanswered questions! Younger has done an outstanding job this season, and I’m sure season three will be a season of unraveling.

Until then, let’s look at Nico Tortorella’s (Josh) Instagram to hold us over until the next season arrives.

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