TV Review: Younger 1×05 “Girl Code”


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Eliza has been settling in nicely into her 26-year-old life.

Things are going great after she officially becomes part of Kelsey’s inner circle. What warranted her entry?

The moment she helped Kelsey remove her Goddess cup at work. If you don’t know what that is, Google it, and you’ll realize why that made Eliza “the real deal”.

Anyways, Eliza has been so busy that she finally is able to make plans to hang out with Maggie (“her 40-year-old roommate that she found on Craigslist”).

The only thing is that somehow Kelsey has tagged along with her friends. They’re completely bored at the art show but, meanwhile, Maggie is freaking out about how this new artist is getting all of the attention from the gallery owner, Peter. Her own show hasn’t been announced anywhere! Hence, it’s time to let Mad Maggie out!

While Maggie confronts Peter, Liza and the girls go drinking at a nearby bar. After a cellphone stack, way too many shots and getting some grub from street vendors, Liza stumbles into her apartment. Maggie awakens thanks to Liza’s drunk ruckus and points out what Liza fails to see. She’s become self-absorbed in her new lifestyle and has completely forgotten about girl code. She wasn’t there for her best friend and was more concerned about fitting in with Kelsey and the girls. Liza stares in wide-eyed shock, obviously knowing that Maggie is speaking the truth.

But Liza snaps out of it and immediately hashes out a plan to help Maggie after being dropped by her gallery. Kelsey demonstrates the essence of living up to girl code and signs on to help.

My favorite part was when she put her opinions about Maggie aside and basically said if she’s your friend, she’s my friend too.

First, Liza has to win Maggie over. She decides to make a grand friendship gesture and “Pretty Woman’s” her, serenading Maggie from outside her window and apologizes for her selfish and immature behavior.  Which was a pretty amazing thing to do!

So, Kelsey and Nicole find Maggie the perfect pop up gallery to host her very own art show. Maggie is overjoyed and they all embrace in a group hug. What a happy ending!

Younger once again displays the importance of women empowering one another. I love the fact that it is consistently showing women looking out for each other instead of tearing one another down.

Kelsey and her friends were wary of Maggie because of her age, which in turn made Liza feel weird about it too (forgetting that she herself is 40). However, Maggie was honest with Liza about her behavior, setting her straight once again.

It then made Liza realize how shallow she was being and she was honest about the meaningful friendship she had with Maggie to Kelsey.

True girl code, indeed.

Only downside about this week’s episode? We only got a tiny few mins of screen time from Josh. *sigh*

Things are looking up right now!

But will this pop-up art show run smoothly without a cinch?

Next week’s previews also show Kelsey and her newly signed author getting closer.

We’ll have to wait and see!

Rating: 7/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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