TYF’s The Game Awards Picks 2016


It’s hard to believe we’re already seeing the third year of this revitalization of an annual The Game Awards, but here we are. It’s easy to say that there are a number of quality blockbuster game titles that have proven themselves even better than 2016’s blockbuster films, in addition to quality indie games throughout the year that challenge the industry’s artistic value and systematic gameplay designs. In this collaborative piece, our members of the TYF staff who reviewed games this year go over the nominated categories and analyze why the games they scored this year are deserving, or undeserving, of the awards they’re in the running for.

This is but a fraction of the nominated games, of course, so feel free to look at the list of contenders yourself, and cast your own vote for the public chosen awards of Trending Gamer, Best Fan Creation, Most Anticipated Game, Best Esports Game, Esports Team and Esports Player this year.

Enjoy the list, and if you haven’t played any of these games yourselves, check them out on the various platforms including the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Store, Steam and the Apple App Store.

And be sure to watch The Game Awards with us tomorrow night (Thurs Dec. 1st) which will be streaming on almost any online platform (and in VR too!) imaginable thegameawards.com/watch/ and join us for live tweeting through the awards night with our handle @TYFOfficial 

– Evan Griffin, TYF Gaming Editor

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