TYF’s Best 30 Episodes of Television 2015


We are currently living in the age of “peak” television. There are just so many shows that it’s hard to decide on the few you’re going to watch. Quantity doesn’t always promise quality, and there have certainly been a fair share of duds on the television landscape this fall. However, 2015 as a whole has supplied television consumers with ample amounts of fantastic television moments.

From sitcoms and sketch shows to superheroes and high brow intellectualism, TV just about had it all, and here is the TYF’s official list of the very best episodes the year (in alphabetical order). Of course, due to practicality, we couldn’t include everything. So while we love shows such as FargoiZombie, Orange is the New Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project and Transparent, we simply opted for other choices this time around.

Make sure to let us know in the comments which ones made your list!

Please be warned that there are plenty of SPOILERS in these write ups; so if you don’t want to be SPOILED, please don’t read. 

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