TYF Picks: Best Films of the Decade (So Far…)


I have an epic scaled argument in me (that plenty have heard bits and pieces of already) ready to be lobbed at any and all whom deem modern cinema to be any lesser than the classics. Halfway through the 2010’s (and what a scary, scary, thought) we over at TheYoungFolks.com have decided to mark the occasion by looking back at the last five years and picking out our favorite films. What ensued was a bit of madness as I asked my fellow writers to send me their personal top 15, ranked (these were all done by a point system) and needless to say there was a variety.  So much so in fact, that I’ve included everyone’s personal lists as well.

It’s there you’ll see more of the niche crowd, the foreign indie pleasers, and the anime (okay maybe just on my list for the last one). However, for some reason we seem to have largely forgotten about 2011 and 2012, which amuses me.

Our main list has a lot of love for the great’s, a lot of love for David Fincher and Edgar Wright (which pleased me). It’s an assortment of our favorites and what could be considered “the best,” but really, that’s up to personal opinion and with movies as far ranging as they are today, with fingers dipped in every genre, it’s an exciting time to be a film fan. Take a look through our Top 15 collective as well as our individual lists (which are strange, eclectic and fun and I love as much as our main list), where I’m sure you’ll spot some hidden gems worth looking into while I go and watch the only movie I haven’t seen on this list (which I won’t spoil but it’s in the number three spot and I’ve failed as a film critic I know).

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