TYF Column: What Are We Reading?


I used to read all the time. I know this is a common phrase people say to justify how little they read now, but I truly mean it; you couldn’t drag a book out of my hands once I’d grown attached to it not matter the circumstances. The only time I can recall being “grounded,” the consequence was my books. I had been reading Harry Potter in class, and the teacher tattled.

The sad thing that happens so often is that high school partially and college mainly takes away the joy of reading for leisure. I myself, historically practically glued to the page, have barely read anything in years.

In order to spark some excitement back into the world of literature, welcome to our new monthly column What Are We Reading where myself and other writers talk about what books are our current obsession. A collaborative effort we hope to engage other fellow readers who are looking to be enthusiastic about reading again (like me). Make sure to comment below about what’s your current page turner and/or if there are any recommendations you have for us!

Happy reading!

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She is a 23 year old in Boston MA. She is hugely passionate about film, television and writing. Along with theyoungfolks, she also is a contributor over at TheMarySue.com . You can contact her on Twitter (@AllysonAJ) or via email: allyson@theyoungfolks.com.