TYF Column: What Are We Reading?


In order to spark some excitement back into the world of literature, welcome back to our monthly column What Are We Reading, where myself and other writers talk about what books are our current obsession. A collaborative effort we hope to engage other fellow readers who are looking to be enthusiastic about reading again (like myself). Make sure to comment below about what’s your current page turner and/or if there are any recommendations you have for us!

I have currently found myself at a time and place where I seem to be purchasing books at a much faster rate than I am actually reading them. I set out a goal for myself to read 52 books by the end of 2016 and am behind with a sad ten. Perhaps if I spend less time on Amazon searching for cheap copies of books I was interested in and more time spent with the actual, physical book in front of me, I’d be on target.

A silver lining? My dream book shelf with a sliding ladder is going to look marvelous with my collection. For now however, I’ve taken to making makeshift stacks on the floor to try and make room for the novels ranging from YA to science fiction to the odd comic book that are eating up every inch of space in my room.

So, TYF readers, what are we reading this month and what are some creative ways you’ve found to organize your books? Let us know in the comments below! (I’m desperate for suggestions.)

Happy reading! To read previous months columns, go here

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