TV Review: Younger 2×07 “Into the Woods & Out of the Woods”


This week’s Younger was funny as always but really served as a gateway for the story lines that are developing for this season. Not one of the best episodes, but nonetheless satisfying enough.

At work, Charles is going to be interviewed for the New York Times By the Book feature and he’s highly anxious about making a good impression. Liza is a weekly reader of the feature and becomes a source for Charles to test his answers, much to Diana’s annoyance.

Diana’s attention for Charles has been diverted as of lately as she’s been getting frisky with her author Hugh Shirley. I understand that he’s a male feminist and all but he was excruciatingly annoying! How did Diana even bare it?! He continuously kept talking and asking if she was “OK” to the point where it was not even empowering. Also, how is saying that she has a barely feminine physique supposed to be attractive? I don’t get it. Anyways, in the heat of passion, Diana leans back and with the sound of a crack…Hugh’s penis breaks. OUCH! Suddenly he’s not such a gentle feminist man and immediately runs away from Diana because she’s too much of a powerhouse. What a fraud.


May I take a moment to say how brilliantly actress Miriam Shor executes the role of Diana. She lands every single line no matter how awkward or small it may be. I am growing to love her snarky remarks and odd humor each week!

This weekend Josh is playing with his band at the Brew Grass Festival which is a really big deal for them. Liza decides to make the trip to be a supportive girlfriend since Josh has proven to always do the same for her. Josh is genuinely happy to have her there and how cute does he look with that hipster cowboy-ish hat? Love it!


Unfortunately that’s about all there is to love about this festival. They’re sleeping in a tent on the ground because their air mattress has a hole in it. Josh’s roommate is crashing in their tent and it’s less than pleasing for any romantic time alone. The coffee also tastes like dirt and the bathrooms are unusable. Liza is trying her best to be a “trooper.” The only bright side is that she does have enough signal to answer Charles’ texts and calls about his upcoming interview.

To make matters worse, at the festival there’s a pair of topless groupies that are following Liza and Josh to every activity. Before going on stage Josh is trying to convince Liza to take off her top via text and in a typical text mishap Liza sexts Charles. Can their work relationship get any more awkward? Liza’s phone is dying and she’s freaking out about not being able to explain herself to him. She runs to the charging dock station at the festival and has to fight a hipster girl in order to get the outlet.

She’s able to get enough charge to call Charles and profusely apologize for the confusion as well as complain about the sucky time she’s having at the festival. He recommends a nearby B&B and it comes in handy because Liza is kicked out for her prior violent act so she and Josh drive up to the place. Liza explains to Josh that in this case her age is just not letting her get into this festival vibe. It’s not for her, as much of a “trooper” that she may be. Josh is understanding about it and agrees to get some real accommodations at the B&B. They arrive to find that Charles has paid for their stay! Liza snaps a selfie of her and Josh in the lodge’s robes to send to Charles with a thank you email but as Josh steps away to prepare the hot tub Liza doesn’t send it. She instead cancels the draft e-mail.

She’s clearly hesitant about being seen with her boyfriend with Charles because ultimately she cares. Liza’s feelings are starting to bubble to the surface and it’s only a matter of time before her eyes are opened to them.

Josh has been incredible to her. They have a great relationship despite their age difference, but there are parts of their life where they just don’t connect at all. Liza’s life is all about books and Josh doesn’t care for them whatsoever. Charles confesses he used to hate reading as a way to rebel against his dad but it’s clear that his love for books is now an important part of his life. There are things that Liza and Charles will inevitably be able to connect that Josh just isn’t able to participate in because of lack of life experience.

The feelings on this show are about to get messy and my tummy does sommersaults at the idea of Liza having to make a choice between Josh and Charles. I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself!

Tell us how you feel about Liza’s torn feelings below!

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