TV Review: Younger 2×06 “Un-Jaded”


Reality really set in for Liza this week. She wakes up (after a nice night with Josh) without being able to move one of her shoulders. Being freaked out by this she decides to go to the doctor and her ever amazing boyfriend comes along for support. It turns out that the doctor not so delicately tells Liza that she’s getting old and her body is beginning to feel it. She has a 40-year-old shoulder. He tells her that her whole body is going to gradually fall apart and made aging seem like the worst catastrophe ever. That doctor had zero sensitivity and so Liza was left in shock. Josh on the other hand took it gracefully and lightly joked about having to take advantage of the time they’ve got. It’s important that they do remind us that Liza is in fact 40 years old and though she’s unstoppable in every other area of her life, her body is going to reflect the truth at some moments, like in this episode.

Josh has made a turn for the better since the beginning of this season. He’s become supportive of Liza and isn’t put off by what comes with an older woman. He makes her feel secure and doesn’t treat her like a decaying antique. I think that’s one of the reasons Liza has fallen for him so hard. She was so used to being dumped on by her ex-husband that Josh is a breath of fresh air, not because of his age but because he’s a true man who lifts up his partner.

Back at Imperial, Kelsey and Liza are dealing with the aftermath of Jade’s revelation that there is no book. Liza lies to Charles and says that Jade has given them the pages of her first chapter which puts her and Kelsey on a deadly timeline. But Liza is truly brilliant! She comes up with a plan to use all of Jade’s tweets that showed her blowing her advance to write the first chapter of her book since Imperial owns all of Jade’s social media. They “accidentally leak” her chapter and everyone is eating it up online. This is where the master plan sets in. They sell Jade’s book to Kelsey’s annoying, arrogant college classmate for double the imprint’s budget. I don’t know how they got it to work but somehow this tag team effort made hella cash while also getting rid of the nuisance that Jade was. It’s not the best way to do business, but this was a double win.

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The absolute best part was Kelsey putting Jade in her place. Jade was indignant about being sold to another publisher she hated and Kelsey dished it back with Jade’s own words, “Don’t worry ‘there is no book, b****.'” AMAZING! It was awesome to see Kelsey stand up for herself.

In other events during this episode, Lauren and Maggie are getting even closer. Lauren is always at the apartment to which Maggie says to Liza, “You know what they say that a lesbian brings on the second date? A U-haul.” Hilarious. Lauren is indeed extremely clingy, but she’s also genuinely inspired by Maggie’s art where she gets it sold to the wacky fashion designers from episodes past.

Diana also got some action this week. She is on a business dinner with one of the authors that Charles handed to her. An author and professor who strives to fight against sexism. I mean, the man even wore a tampon for a whole day to see how it would feel like to be a woman. At that point Diana was pretty much done and sat him down telling him that no matter what he does he will never feel like a woman. He blatantly says what he really wants is to be inside her. At which the logical response is an insane make out session that is cut short because this man is a gentleman and sends Diana home since she’s had far too much to drink. I’m hoping this can result in a love plot for Diana because Charles definitely won’t even give her the time of day.

With that we anxiously await next week’s Younger. Aren’t we all glad Jade is gone? Good riddance!

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