TV Review: Younger 2×05 “Jersey, Sure”


This week’s Younger showed us how Liza’s worlds continue to collide. Her daughter, Caitlyn follows Josh on Instagram. Awkward! Josh is surprisingly cool about it while Liza insists that he “ban” her to which he informs her that she means “block” her. I enjoy the way they light heartedly make a point of their age difference.

Liza goes to a bar to support Josh and his band where she once again runs into her old New Jersey 40 year old friends, Michelle and Tom. Michelle followed Caitlyn on Instagram and found out about the band. When she sees that Josh is her boyfriend, she basically begins to drool. Fun fact, she’s wearing a T-shirt that says “Truffle Butter” that her daughter gifted her. When Josh points out that he likes her shirt, she assures him that she makes some amazing homemade truffle butter and it’s her favorite. At this moment, I was trying to hold back the laughs just as much as Josh was on screen.

Michelle and Tom invite them to their house in New Jersey and before Liza can object, Josh accepts their invitation. Liza is dreading it completely but Josh genuinely seems to be excited about it. I loved that he truly wanted to make an effort to know about Liza’s old life, even if it meant hanging out with some lame squares.

Meanwhile, Diana and Kelsey are in a panic because Jade has yet to show them any pages from her book. They’re on a tight deadline and she’s not cooperating at all. Kelsey’s butt is on the line since not only is this the first author she signed, but they spent most of their budget on her. Jade’s advance was $250,000.

Kelsey goes on the hunt with Lauren’s help. They are able to track Jade’s moves due to her social media activity showing off how she’s extravagantly blowing her money. She’s literally buying hamburgers that are made with lobster and caviar among other lavish things that cost $600 each. You can say that Kelsey is panicking and hyperventilating worse as she sees more of Jade’s newsfeed.

Eventually they are able to track down the address of a party Jade is throwing. There are a ton of random wild people in a penthouse and all signs point to more money being blown. Jade cracks the door open as Kelsey demands to see her first chapters. She has had it. But she wasn’t expecting what Jade told her: there is no book!


In that moment Kelsey knew she was so screwed. We are definitely going to see a lot more of Jade this season and it’s evident she’s going to be the biggest headache for Kelsey.

In New Jersey, Josh and Liza arrive at Michelle and Tom’s house. Josh is about to start licking a weed infused lollipop but Liza tells him that he’s going to have to bare this experience completely sober. They had a great dinner and Michelle made truffle butter for them. Michelle starts to interrogate Liza about her sex life with Josh which makes Liza completely uncomfortable. Now dishing about those kind of things between girlfriends is totally normal, but anyone could tell that Michelle was asking because she’s nosy and also a huge hater. Her hater status increased when she tells Liza to get real and realize that Josh is only a boy toy. She begins to even mock Liza for ever considering that Josh could be a potential partner. She was being the biggest jerk and her words definitely got to Liza. They got to her enough for her to eat all of the weed lollipop.

She was hilariously high at which point Josh says it’s best to go home. Before her departure Liza tells Michelle to Google what truffle butter REALLY is and Michelle looks and gasps. I think that was one of my favorite parts of the episode actually.

The following morning Liza wakes up and barely remembers the previous night. Josh reminds her she ate the whole lollipop instead of just taking a few licks. He asks her why she would even do a thing like that and so Liza tells him about Michelle’s comments. The truth of the matter is that Liza does worry that whatever they have going on between them has an expiration date. Especially because she won’t be able to give many things he may want in the future, such as kids. But Josh’s reply is seriously amazing enough to calm all her fears. He’s fully invested in their relationship and has no intention of abandoning ship. In that moment, I’m sure we all swooned in unison.

All in all, it was a solid episode for Liza and Josh’s relationship. They’re getting more serious with their intentions and this is more than just a fling to validate Liza’s womanhood.

This episode also set up the chaotic situations that are sure to stir up for Kelsey at work. What is she going to have to do to make sure that her imprint doesn’t sink? Why is Jade doing this? Is she purely evil, insane or does she have even more underlying intentions?

This season continues to heat up and it’s not disappointing one bit.

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