TV Review: ‘Younger’ 2×04 “The Jade Crusade”


Younger never fails. Even though this episode didn’t necessarily move the plot forward, it was a thoroughly entertaining one.

Liza and Kelsey are trying to sign a 20-something eccentric blogger, Jade Winslow, who’s releasing a tell-all that will shatter the fashion industry. Homegirl is super confident believing that her book will be like “The Jungle” that changed the meat packing industry. She proclaims her book will be like, “The Devil Wears Prada but, like, on speed.”

Kelsey even brings Diana into the meeting to see if they can win her over with marketing strategies. To which Jade replied, “Your marketing strategies sound like a sad dad’s LinkedIn page.” Oh, how I love the writing on this show! Jade decides to think about the offer since she loves the fact that the imprint is run by young people but needs to run Kelsey and the “awkward, tall girl” Liza through a test to see that they’re not basic. She tells them to meet at a bar and to bring their boyfriends. Kelsey and Liza are ecstatic at the chance to prove themselves!

Liza however has a lot of things on her plate. Charles is set to receive the Oprah award for his philanthropic work but a picture showing his Jon Hamm inspired bulge has spread on the internet. Diana enlists Liza to help delete the image to spare Charles the embarrassment. Which by the way was so endearing to watch as he blushed in front of Liza and Diana knowing they had seen the picture. No explanations needed, Charles. No need to apologize. Diana really did have some of the best lines during this episode. Gosh, I love her!

Liza asks tech savvy Lauren to help erase the image but it’s spreading like wildfire and even has begun to trend as #Empiriconda. Touché, internet, touché! Lauren does this favor for Liza on the sole condition that she will put in a good word for her with Maggie. Things are getting hot and heavy between these two and Lauren is rapidly getting attached. Maggie on the other hand seems to be jaded by love, but Lauren is persistent to win her over.

That night at the lounge Kelsey is looking so not basic in her outfit. Jade has her party on and immediately asks Liza where Josh is. Which is quite interesting because Liza never mentioned Josh before so how could she know? Josh finally walks in and Jade throws her drink at his face and walks out. It turns out that Jade and Josh briefly dated until she started getting crazy and wouldn’t leave him alone. So in order to stop her from continuously climbing up his fireplace (literally) he decides to kiss a model in front of her so she would get a clue. Two birds with one stone. Except that she’s still clearly upset enough about it to lead Liza and Kelsey on with a book deal. Things were looking grim for these two.

It was refreshing to see that Josh had a shady side since he prides himself on being very morally correct. He disrespected Jade, no matter how insane she may have been, that was uncalled for.


Jade decides to sign with Harper Collins but Liza has a master plan to save the day. They contact her agent and arrange to pretend they’re her Uber ride. She gets into the car and there’s Kelsey (with a drink ready for Jade), Liza and Josh. He apologizes to her for his behavior and Liza brilliantly points out that we have all been the bad guy in a relationship at some point. Kelsey also points out that no other publisher would force her ex-boyfriend to apologize to her. Jade seems to have been convinced and tells them to stay posted, exiting the car but not before throwing a shot in Josh’s face. Same, Jade, same.

That afternoon at the Women in Literature luncheon all seems to be going well. Jade’s agent approaches Liza and Kelsey telling them that Jade has taken their offer and will be sending a tweet out with the announcement. The tweet is Charles’ bulge pic, the #Empiriconda has returned! The tweet is starting to trend (Rihanna event retweeted it) with impeccable timing just as Charles is being called to receive the award. Diana has the honor of introducing him and she proceeds to say how they are all thankful that he is generously endowed. Lol! Im done! Diana kills it again. And with Charles’ flushed cheeks and everyone’s phone blowing up with his pic the episode ends.

Again, not a necessarily important episode and definitely not serious but still so good! Younger is consistently nailing it every single week. If it’s not teaching you great life lessons it’s simply keeping you entertained.

I look forward to what’s happening next this season! It’s only getting better and better.

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