TV Review: “Younger” Season Finale “The Old Ma’am and the C”


“Nothing gets you sober quicker than telling your boyfriend you’ve been lying about your age by fifteen years. “ Yep, I bet, Liza.

She leaves the party and searches for Josh to try to explain the big atomic bomb she just dropped on him.

Liza finds him at a bar and the poor boy is in utter disbelief. But his shock only increases as Liza tells him her whole truth. She’s divorced, has a daughter, and has lied about her age just to get a job. I can’t blame him for telling Liza that maybe she’s a bit of a psycho. It sounds pretty crazy and it also makes sense that he would call into question her real feelings for him.

Josh is spitting truth when he says, “nothing was real if it was all based on a lie.” Deep words coming from the boy who vaped weed with his boys and didn’t even have a door for his room.

But yeah, Josh is extremely heartbroken. Not because Liza is forty but because she decided to lie straight to his face for so long. He never wants to see her again.

What Liza did goes against what Josh truly believes in—being honest and transparent, something he’s always been with her.

Liza goes to work the next day with watery eyes and finally confesses to Kelsey that she and Josh are over, obviously leaving out the true reason why, but she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

She doesn’t have much time to be sentimental because there’s a lot going on at the office. Ellen Degeneres is releasing a new book and Empirical Publishing is up for the first bid—Charles does not want to lose this book!

Diana has Liza running errands over the city and has Liza bring her wallet to the lunch meeting she is on. The plot twist is that the guest that Diana is eating with recognizes Liza. A woman, Cheryl Sussman, who Liza worked with almost fourteen years ago. But this woman isn’t just anybody; she works for a rival publishing company, and she plans to steal Ellen’s book bid at any cost. So, she blackmails Liza saying that she will reveal her secret to everyone if Liza doesn’t show her Empirical’s marketing numbers that will be presented to Ellen.

Cheryl is a certified jerk.

Thankfully, Maggie is brilliant, and she encourages Liza to adjust Empirical’s marketing numbers in order to trick Cheryl.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Kelsey go to speak to Josh about the breakup with Liza. Josh doesn’t budge. However, he is a gentleman for keeping Liza’s secret and not trashing her in front of her friends. Lauren and Kelsey are cuties for going out to Brooklyn to try to repair their friend’s relationship, even though those kinds of attempts never work—nonetheless, they’re true friends.

Not to mention that Kelsey is honest with Liza and tells her what they did. She also offers Liza great advice: to let Josh see the real Liza, to get messy, to show the full Liza.

Over the season I love the friendship that Kelsey and Liza have developed from every mishap and adventure they’ve embarked on together. There is not a moment they don’t have each other’s back, even when they’re being stubborn. They depict true girl code and that’s refreshing to see in a TV show. There’s so much talk about in terms of feminism, but there aren’t many shows that portray female friendships with no sense of threat or competition. I love it. So, thank you, Darren Starr.

Anyway, Cheryl is putting pressure on Liza for Empirical’s marketing numbers, and Liza makes a great move. She meets with Cheryl and instead hands her their email exchanges that show how Cheryl was asking for company confidential information. If Cheryl continues threatening Liza, Cheryl’s publishing company will receive the emails and see exactly their employee’s lack of ethics. Cheryl is impotent but spooked enough because she definitely does have more to lose than some assistant job.

Liza decides to show Josh the real her by making him a slideshow of her true life—the good, the bad and the ugly. Childhood pictures, prom, family vacations, camp counseling, Caitlyn’s pictures through the years—Josh knows everything now.

Josh finally goes to hear Liza out. He’s unsure about the past and everything that went down.

BUT, he can try and have a new beginning with Liza—and they do just that.

It’s official: Josh is an angel!

I didn’t expect for Josh to have a change of heart so quickly, and it only makes me like him more for his forgiving soul.

We will have to wait until January for season two!

There are a few questions that are bouncing around:

  • Will Josh be able to forget and forgive, for real?
  • Is Cheryl truly going to be done with the blackmailing?
  • Will Lauren and Maggie become a thing?
  • How is Kelsey going to take it when she finds out the truth about Liza?
  • Caitlyn is coming to NYC to visit. Will she agree with her mom’s choices as a twenty-six-year-old?

I’ll definitely miss looking forward to Younger every week. Here’s to hoping that they’ll extend the episodes to an hour in length.

Rating: 9/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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