TV Review: Younger 1×11 “Hot Mitzvah”


Liza continues to try to climb the career totem pole at work and offers herself to be the book doctor for a new book about 40 year old woman’s revamped sex life. Liza can ironically relate to it so well. Kelsey loves Liza’s editing work on the first chapter and shows it to Charles.

I love that Kelsey is never threatened by Liza and is always opening doors of opportunities for Liza to succeed.  That’s true female empowerment.  Their friendship is one of my faves.

Unfortunately, the author doesn’t seem to click with Liza, and they won’t be able to relate because of the “age difference.” Isn’t that ironic? Charles is nice enough to take the time to reassure Liza, and once again the chemistry between these two is palpable. I mean, Liza smiles at Charles as if she was a school girl!

Maybe Diana can feel the sexual tension from across the office, because she immediately pounces on Liza, demanding to know what she’s up to with Charles. Liza has nothing to hide and tells her about the failed book doctor gig. Diana’s response to Liza’s attempt is pitiful as she continuously tries to stomp on her ambition. A grown, talented and successful woman allows herself to feel threatened by her assistant all because of her own insecurities. Let’s be real, Diana’s insecurities towards Liza are not just on the professional level, but also because of her fears of becoming outdated and irrelevant. She even goes as far as interviewing a recent Harvard graduate, making sure that Liza sees the candidate exit and telling her, “there’s just so many of you.” Cruel much?

Diana’s reactions are not uncommon and though her actions to bring Liza down are shameful, it’s a reality that is seen between women in the workplace. Executive producer Darren Starr is doing an exquisite job of showcasing the different relationships that women can have with each other on a professional and friendship level—I love the different layers he portrays in this complex female world.

Anyways, Liza doesn’t have much time to sulk over Diana’s mean remarks. Lauren is throwing a Hot Mitzvah! A Hot Mitzvah is Lauren’s version of her second coming-of-age, since her Bat Mitzvah at 13 was a total disaster. So, 26 is basically her rebirth (13+13=26) now that she’s hot and fabulous! FYI, Hot Mitzvahs should totally be a thing. Also, Lauren’s mom seems like so much fun.


Lauren’s a girl that likes her close friends to have fun, so she slips Molly (pure MDMA) into Liza, Maggie, Josh, Thad, and Kelsey’s shots. Buckle up kiddos, because here is where it all gets a little crazy.

For one, Lauren and Maggie start making out. Yes. Apparently Maggie is the person that’s she wanted to kiss on that special night. Random? Sort of. It makes sense that Lauren specified Liza invite Maggie, the OWL–old wise lesbian. Maggie is a cougar just like Liza!

Meanwhile, Thad and Kelsey are in a cosmic love land saying how great the other is. Thad pulls out an extravagant gift for Kelsey, but her intuition and own personal history tells her it’s a guilt gift because he’s cheated on her. In Thad’s words, Kelsey, “you’re like psychic or something!”

Psychic or something like that, since Kelsey admits she was about to buy Thad a lavish watch because she felt guilty for cheating too. They had both been cheating on each other! Ha! They both take it pretty well and decide it’s cheaper for both of them if they decide to keep their relationship monogamous. I’m not sure if their easy reaction to their secret affairs has anything to do with the MDMA they took. But they’re happy as clams…for now, at least.

And then…the biggest two bombshells drop.

Eliza and Josh are canoodling when he finally drops the L word. Yes, LOVE! He tells Liza he loves her. Might I add that boy meant it, even if he was on drugs. Wait, Liza says it back too!

But as she says it, she realizes she must tell him her truth. And in that very moment she says what she’s wanted to for so long. She’s not 26 years old–she’s actually 40. Josh is dumbfounded for a moment, thinking she’s kidding. But then he sees that Liza is being serious. What more could he do besides stand there in shock, watching as Liza is pulled by Lauren and hoisted up and down on a chair while people dance around. Josh leaves.

Liza is left watching him exit from her chair in mid air.

I’m shocked the truth came out this way.

I expected it to be more dramatic: for Josh to discover the truth because he became suspicious. In a way, however, I appreciate that Liza was just able to tell him to his face simply because she know he deserved to know. There’s a bit of beauty in Liza’s abrupt sincerity. Also, there’s nothing like MDMA to shed light on people’s double lives.

And so the episode ends on this cliffhanger.

The season finale is next week; let’s hope we can get some closure in 30 minutes.

Rating: 9/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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