TV Review: Younger 1×10 “The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo”


The Scarf has become a huge hit garnering tons of attention from suburban housewives clamoring for it to be published. Kelsey and Liza decide to take their success straight to Charles who is supportive of their endeavor. To celebrate, Kelsey and Liza go on a double date with Josh and Thad. They test their compatibility by checking their Chinese birth year animals. It turns out that Liza’s 26 year old animal, the dragon, does not match with Josh’s.

Liza is forced to crash at Josh’s place since Maggie’s building was infected with bedbugs.

Josh’s friends from Philly are crashing at Josh’s place too. Quite an awkward moment ensues when his friends ask if Liza is his new girlfriend. Josh’s reply? They’re just “hanging out.” Liza takes it like a champ though. Josh asks if she can go downstairs to buy a roll of toilet paper. He meanwhile discusses with his friends how screwed he is by not having defined their relationship. Liza’s reply to Josh was by far one of my favorite moments of the episode. Josh wakes up the next morning to find Liza gone, with a toilet paper on the pillow next to him that says its “been fun hanging out.” Ugh, such a classy yet sassy move! LOVED IT. YOU GO Liza!

Not being able to bear another day with Josh’s gross roommates Liza decides to bunk with Lauren and Kelsey. But who would’ve known that they both live with Lauren’s parents?! Kelsey forgot to mention that little detail. This was too funny. Kelsey has been staying with them for two years for the simple fact that she pays no rent, gets her laundry done and is able to live on the cute side of Manhattan as opposed to…well, Brooklyn. That was definitely one of the best #RelatableMillenialMoments of the season so far. So accurate. But truly I understand Kelsey because Lauren’s parents are awesome! Except for her dad who’s a total creep towards Liza (yikes).

But Lauren’s mom gives Liza some good advice, men love the chase– ignore Josh’s texts and don’t reply.

Charles loves The Scarf too and gives Kelsey permission to contact the author to begin a publishing deal. The author turns out to be an undervalued school teacher whose big break could not have come at a better time!

After their sleepover Liza and Kelsey happily step into work. However, Diana proceeds to rain on their  parade by exposing the author of The Scarf. It turns out that she had plagiarized much of her story from another book called The Babushka. Once the author began to lie she couldn’t stop and Liza can surely relate, she’s feeling like a fraud herself.

Hence, Liza’s attempt at publishing an author and moving into the editorial department was a complete failure. Diana looks fabulous in front of Charles while Liza looks like an incompetent fool. Will she have a chance to prove herself once again before Diana tries to get rid of her?

With the bedbugs gone, Liza returns to Maggie’s place and Kelsey invites her out for drinks to comfort her because of the fiasco at work. Feeling the guilt of all her lies she tries to confess to Josh at the bar but he beats her to it. It turns out that Josh is one for grand gestures and he gets a dragon tattoo in honor of Liza’s Chinese birth year (oops, wrong animal). He knows that they’re more than just hanging out and completely commits himself to Liza, labels included.

At this moment how was Liza supposed to tell him she’s actually a 40 year-old woman and he just tattooed the wrong Chinese birth year animal on his arm? It totally wasn’t the right moment.

But with only two episodes left in the season I am sure that the moment is coming right around the corner.


P.S: Who really can stand Thad? Can he leave? He is so irrelevant.

Final Thoughts:

– Diana is being the biggest jerk of life. She does NOT follow Kelsey’s ride or die philosophy. Must she compete all the time? Is there no room for female empowerment?

– How long until Liza cracks under the pressure?

– Why does Liza look like a school girl staring into Charles’ eyes?

– Will Charles continue to be intrigued by Liza even though he knows she’s taken?

Rating: 7/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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