TV Review: Younger 1×08 “Sk8”


Anton’s wife has landed  in New York City and she’s ready to cut some head offs from the woman who’s having an affair with her husband. He always writes from his personal experiences and his manuscript says just that. She immediately assumes that it’s Liza, Ha!

Kelsey is finally beginning to see the gravity of the situation and decides the fling is no longer light and fun.

The publishing company is hosting an awards ceremony where Anton will receive recognition and Kelsey tries to cut things off with him. I mean, the man was groping her while his wife was sitting on his right side. Anton, however, was not having it. He grabs a knife from the table and makes a deep cut in his hand right before Kelsey’s eyes saying that’s how he feels and that he refuses to accept her decision. I think Kelsey realized in that moment that this is far more serious than her 26 year old self can handle. Her solution?

As Anton goes on stage to receive his award, Kelsey introduces herself to Anton’s wife as his editor… and his mistress. Yep, she figured she was going to need help handling this one. Will Anton’s wife help Kelsey get out of the affair since her husband is a nut job? I’m not sure. But I know that after this maybe Kelsey will start listening to Liza’s wise words.

Liza wasn’t able to attend the awards ceremony because Diana volunteered her to babysit Charles’ children. She finally remembers that 26 wasn’t so glamorous career wise since everyone abuses you as you “pay your dues,” and she wonders if she can continue lying for much longer.

However, duty called and she arrived at Charles’ house where he was very happy to see her. Do you remember Charles? He’s Diana’s recently divorced boss whose attention she’s dying to capture (with a little help from Liza). But ever since Charles and Liza ran into each other at a party she was working at as a waitress (brief stint) it seems there’s a bigger attraction there.

This week’s episode reinforced that. Not to mention it also portrayed how realistically, Charles is a better fit for Liza. Even she, was obviously feeling something for him unconsciously. It’s important to note that when Josh texts her that he’s arrived to walk her home she straight up lies to Charles by calling him her “friend.” Um, Liza? I think we all know you guys are much more than that.  Charles calls her out on it and Liza blushes, seeming embarrassed at him knowing she’s not fully available. I can already see where this is going! Diana will not be happy.

As Liza walks outside she doesn’t seem too happy to see Josh until he shows her the skateboard he bought her. It’s also important to note that Liza was completely turned off when she realized that a lot of Josh’s time is occupied playing video games and smoking weed with his roommates. It didn’t help that they didn’t even have a door to give them a little privacy as a couple.

It’s evident that the honeymoon phase is starting to end for Liza and Josh. The truth of their age difference is starting to become a realization for her. This could be the demise, y’all.

I think I’ll be okay with that.

This episode wasn’t action packed, except for the Anton dramatics of course. However it was solid because it’s building a foundation for the end of this season that’s right around the corner. I can already see a few cliffhangers coming. Liza has been slipping with references from before 1989.

The good thing is we know that a second season is coming!

Rating: 7.5/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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