TV Review: Younger 1×07 “Broke and Pantyless”


Josh is in a band, you guys. He’s a hipster tattoo artist living in Brooklyn who is also in a band. Perfect?

Maggie, Kelsey and Liza are at a bar watching them play until Kelsey gets a call from Anton. She of course, runs to his call and asks Liza to cover her– this will not end well.

Anyways, Josh and Liza are back at his place the next morning when she gets a call from her daughter. She leaps out of the bed into the bathroom to take it. It turns out that Kaitlyn is missing half of her tuition since her dad’s not able to come through. So, it’s up to Liza to figure out how to get $1,800 by Friday.

* Sidenote: Josh overheard Liza speaking in the bathroom, ending the call with an “I love you, Pumpkin.” He also pretended to believe Liza’s lie about the call being from work.

Either way, the point is that Liza is so concerned about getting that money that she has no time to lecture Kelsey on her choices. She tells Kelsey about her “student loan” troubles and Kelsey and Lauren are there to help.

Lauren tells Liza how she made so much money selling her (used) panties on Craigslist, $200 a pair. Liza is most definitely creeped out but what wouldn’t a mother (or a 26-year old being hunted down by student loan sharks) do when in desperate need for cash? Liza agrees and her panties are now on the market.

That night while playing pool with Josh her phone keeps blowing up because of her ads and Josh is curious as to what’s going on with Liza. He even slides his phone onto the table, saying he’s an open book and she can look through everything she likes. How many girls would love for their man to say this to them? I’m sure Josh gained many more fans with that move. But Liza didn’t budge and said she valued his privacy too much.

The next day, her and Maggie are at the coffee shop to meet Liza’s panty buyer. But he completely sniffs and stiffs her! Hence, panty selling operation was a failure. She turns to cocktail waitressing. While at the party she’s serving, she runs into Charles. He’s the guy that’s recently divorced that Diana is pinning for. Is it just me or does there seem to be a spark between him and Liza instead? He is in fact closer to Liza’s real age.

Kelsey and Anton go on a little date (if you can call it that) to find real swedish fish candy for the promotion of his book launch. At the store they’re PDA-ing all over the place and Anton even calls her his girlfriend. But Kelsey corrects him, she is his editor, as she then leans in to continue making out. I’m confused.

At work, Liza and him talk a little and Diana sees them right away. She pulls Liza and interrogates her about their inside joke chatter. Liza gives Diana the inside scoop about Charles when “he’s in the wild,” and also tells Liza that girls that work for shouldn’t be out waitressing. Diana shows she has a real heart when she gives Liza the $1,800 she was in desperate need of, telling her to consider it an early Christmas bonus. I like Diana, but this made me like her even more.

The money came right in time for Liza because Josh was not having it with her secretive vibe and tells her they need to talk. That’s never a good text to get. Liza opens up about needing the money badly and the panty selling venture. Josh is satisfied with her honesty since she even shows him her emails. That was only the partial truth. Right when Josh goes on stage, Liza gets a text from her daughter thanking her.

Liza has a huge life she’s hiding and I’m just anxious to see it all unfold.

To end this review, I would also like to say, how did Kelsey convince me with that half-do topknot? Because somehow she did.

Next week’s previews are looking interesting!

Rating: 7.5/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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