TV Review: Younger 1×06 “Shedonism”



Liza and Josh are the cutest. This week, Josh takes Liza to Crossfit so they can make this their “thing” as a couple. Liza truly wants to try but her 40-year old body is afraid for its life. She’s able to get through the workout but the soreness that endures afterwards reminds her that she, in fact, is not 26 years old. However, I still love how Josh is so adorable with her. They’re on their way to becoming #fitnesscouplegoals!

But besides having more of Josh’s beautiful face and hair to gaze at on our TV screens, there’s a few important things that happened.

The publishing company is hosting a book release party for Anabelle, a wild child, drug-fueled author who also happens to be Diana’s best friend. Diana isn’t up to dealing with Anabelle’s antics. Anabelle, meanwhile, wants her party to be young and hip, who better than Liza to call for help? Diana gives Liza this one shot to truly prove herself and the pressure is definitely on.

At this point, Kelsey made a great point– “old” adults are always trying to mooch off young people’s creative idea and current knowledge of trends to pass off as their own success to stay relevant. As a millenial in the workplace, I have to say that I agree! #relatable

Younger does poke fun at the absurd things that millenials say and do, but this was an actual spot on moment!

Anyways, that was about the only smart thing that Kelsey did or said during this episode. More about that later.

Liza’s ex-husband pops up this week again. A call that Liza had to make up a lie about in front of Kelsey.

She agrees to meet with him and finds that he’s still struggling as he’s now gamled away their boat—the last item that reminded him of the person and life he used to have. He had turned to Liza for help but she’s so over with continuing to enable his gambling addiction. She feels badly about it but understands that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to change.

Diana had to do something similar with Anabelle and now keeps their relationship solely about business.

The book release party was going great, everybody was tweeting. But, Anabelle was a wreck and it was only exasperated by seeing her coke dealer at the door. She ran into a glass door and everyone was able to capture it on video. In two seconds the clip had gone viral, almostclose to trending. This once again portraying the downside of the digital age.  As Anabelle continued to rage on, Liza’s chance to shine bright was quickly dying. Diana thankfully had been keeping an eye on the party and showed up to save the day—and Anabelle who had passed out. She gets the crazed author a taxi and as Anabelle is sliding in she points something out to Liza. She basically says that Liza’s aged hands couldn’t fool anybody. In other words, she called Liza’s charade! Thankfully, her slurring didn’t make her a credible source and Diana shrugged it all off.

Liza’s eyes were popping out of her head at the quick realization that she may not be able to hide this secret forever. Indeed, it’s only a matter of time before her lies begin to be exposed.

Kelsey wasn’t very helpful to Liza at the party since she was too involved with Antoine, the author she recently signed. Antoine and Kelsey already had shared a quick smooch.

Even though he is in fact very married with kids. Kelsey says she wants to keep things professional moving forward but it’s hard to believe her as she then leans into Antoine’s lips.

At this point we were all uselessly screaming, “No! Kelsey no!” at our TV screens.

Liza saw everything that went down and the next day she applied girl code and told Kelsey she should be careful. She just thought she’s too smart to be known as the editor that sleeps with her authors.

Kelsey got defensive and reminded Liza that she’s not her mother. At which point, Liza indeed backed and understood her help was not being asked for.

She decides to be a mother to her actual daughter and the episode ends as they joyfully face chat all about India.

This episode wasn’t extremely thrilling, but it did, however, set up some great drama and discussion for the episodes to come.

Liza can be good at playing 26 all she wants but the truth is she is 40 years old. She can’t just sweep a whole life under the rug and expect for loose ends not to rise to the surface and interfere.

Anabelle’s role was a bit annoying yet brought Liza back to reality about her true age.

My predictions for next week?

Josh will continue to be his charming self and probably think of another idea that will challenge Liza out of her comfort zone.

Kelsey will most definitely continue her love affair with Antoine. It saddens me but it does seem she has some self-esteem and respect issues, given the way we have seen that she allows her douche-y boyfriend to treat her.

Oh yeah, there is the factor that she is also in a relationship herself. Things are going to get messy my friends.

Leave your thoughts below!

Rating: 6/10

Younger airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TV Land.

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