TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×13) “I Walk the Line”

tumblr_o8segys1qO1vsswa8o1_500There are some many things to talk about in regard to this finale. The first part of this review is actually about the weakest parts of this episode. Those moments unfortunately have to do with the towns folk. Although they are only supposed to be background characters in the finale, they should’ve had their moments to shine. They were infected and the only thing on their minds was getting Wynonna in order to get cured. That didn’t happen because all they did was stand there and lightly swing their arms at her while she escaped. Then when they cornered her and Waverly, Neadley’s speech somehow subdued their burning rage. The situation didn’t seem believable.

Time to move on to the best stuff. Let’s talk about another addition of the Doc and Dolls team up. They may still not be friends, but they know how to get the job done. Although the scene didn’t show them shooting the Revenants at Shorty’s, there’s no doubt that the two of them handled those demons like pros. Dolls did get shot, but that’s only so Doc could help him reveal some of the power that’s been lying inside of him. That power is definitely strong since Dolls walks back into the bar as if he wasn’t shot or scared of being shot again. It’s still unclear what he is though. I personally hope that he’s a werewolf.

Not only did we get a little more insight into Dolls, but we also got some for his boss Lucado. Apparently that woman is not a fan of his. In fact she even calls him a monster to his face. She has a personal vendetta against him ever since he was the only one that came back from Kandahar. It was there that she lost someone special to her. Most likely a lover of some sort. If that wasn’t enough she was completely willing to let Bobo open the gates in order to escape. Black Badge wanted to observe what would happen if he did. She didn’t completely get her wish, but she did manage to capture both Bobo and Dolls. She also mentioned that she planned to bomb Purgatory. Lucado made every second she was on-screen interesting.

A character that’s gone all too soon was Bobo. His character arc took several compelling turns. It turns out that his actions this entire season were all for love. He truly loved Willa and wanted to leave with her. As uncomfortable as that is when the whole picture is laid out, it still showed that he wasn’t totally a bad guy. The only reason he had to go through all of his troubles was because Constance wanted her son back and forced Bobo to make a deal. At least his suffering (on Earth) wasn’t made long because Wynonna sent him back to Hell.

On the subject of Hell, is that where Willa went? She went full bad girl this time around. Time was running out and there was no need for her to pretend to play nice; not that she was nice to begin with. Due to this, she left herself emotionally wide open. She only cared about Peacemaker, which her sisters could tell. Then she only cared about herself. Willa completely left Bobo behind when he was injured and planned to head off alone. She was so heartless that she was willing to shoot her only sister, and the only reason Wynonna isn’t dead is because Peacemaker wouldn’t shoot. Although when Wynonna shot the gun at Willa it turned blue. Did the color change simply because she was killing an heir or because Willa was still going to Heaven, because it turns orange when she sends Revenants to Hell.

The finale really helped sell that Wynonna is not the girl we met in the first episode. She has become a real hero. She was worried about saving the people in her town. She didn’t want her friends to hurt them. She also cared about Waverly and her needs. She could’ve let Willa shoot Nicole when she originally threatened to, but Wynonna chose to let her sister have the gun instead because Waverly was worried about her girlfriend. The most heartbreaking scene was when she was at a standoff with her older sister. She didn’t want to shoot her even though she was so far gone. Willa was her family and she had just gotten her back. It wasn’t easy for Wynonna to pull that trigger.

Waverly got some good news, but mainly bad news this time around. On the positive side, Wynonna seems to be cool with her dating Nicole. On the negative side, she lost her sister Willa. She also found out that she wasn’t an Earp. Not to mention she’s not exactly human.

Questions for season two

Who did Waverly shoot? What is Waverly? Is Purgatory a sanctuary for her or something else? What is that tentacle monster? What is Dolls? What happened in Kandahar? What is Juan Carlo? Is he an angel?

Rating: 9/10

Wynonna Earp season one is finished.

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  • Dolly Madison

    I really your recaps. I would be more overjoyed with the finale if the there was news of a season 2 but sadly still no word

  • Dolly Madison

    I loved the Dolls and Doc team up. They are great to watch together and I wish the show would drop the whole love triangle thing and put Wynonna and Dolls together. Dolls and Doc sould become friends and all three kick revenant butt. I agree Bobo was killed too quickly to some degree Willa also. They were interesting villains. There are so many questions left unanswered but still no news of season 2 which is unfortunate.

    • Leaf Miranda

      I know. I hate waiting to see if there will be another season. If there is going to be one I love the idea of Waverly being a villain. She kinda got the short end of the stick during this season

      • Dolly Madison

        I actually like Waverly being a villain. The possibility is there for her. I don’t know about Waverly getting the short end of the stick though. Dolls is the only one arrested and hauled off to jail for doing the right thing. I think he has it worse than her at the moment and waiting for word on a season 2 sucks especially with so many cliffhangers. I never could understand why new shows don’t wrap things in a way where if they’re not renewed the audience is left satisfied with the finale.

        • Leaf Miranda

          I felt like there were moments during the season where Waverly could’ve shined but didn’t get the chance. I know what you mean about finales. I think they don’t do that because they have faith it’ll be renewed where if they didn’t leave it open for a second season people wouldn’t be excited for more.