TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×12) “House of Memories”

House of Memories

It is now clear whose side Willa is truly on. In last week’s episode her character was so unsure of herself, she didn’t know who she was at first. Her emotions seemed to be all over the place. That pattern continued in this episode as well. It started off with her killing Whiskey Jimmy because she got too upset. Later on she was rude to both Nicole and Waverly. She needed to regain her place in the world. That problem was easily fixed once she stepped back into the treehouse that used to be her prison. The memories instantly came flooding back on and she remembered everything. For instance, she remembered that Constance was the one that saved her, but took her memories in exchange for her freedom, she was actually a captive. By the end of the episode she willingly holds Bobo’s hand and begins to lead him toward the edge of the Ghost River Triangle.

It turns out that everyone knows (except for Doc) that the lead that Bobo had been searching for, had been an heir the entire time. This is known because of the letter that Wynonna forgot she stashed when she was younger. It was written by Wyatt Earp after the curse and it explained everything. It’s crazy that Wynonna forgot she hid such an important document, but then again she has been through a lot since she was that age, so it’ll have to slide. If the letter does contain everything then they’ll need it to eventually break the curse. For now it simply explains why the Revenants attacked the Homestead when the girls were little. Bobo had made a deal with their dad and in order to make sure he kept his word, they took Willa for insurance. Little did they know that Wynonna was going to kill her dad in the process, thus making Bobo lose his lead.

In order for Bobo to get his lead he had to create that plan of his, which wouldn’t have worked without Bubba. Bubba was a weird, but interesting character in Bubba & Dochis own right. Not only was he crazy, but he was also obsessed with Doc. Not to mention he was the one who knocked him out and kidnapped him. Bubba was surprisingly willing to answer one of Doc’s questions if he would give him knife lessons in exchange. A weird trade for someone who is keeping someone else hostage, potentially forever. Another small, but unique detail about Bubba was that he hated his brother. The one who got burned by the Twins in the last episode. As if Bubba wasn’t crazy enough, he also had the skills to concoct that cocktail that would make people go crazy and want to injure themselves. The same one that lands Wynonna in the predicament she gets in at the end of the episode.

That’s not the only issue Wynonna is facing now. Ever since her sister came back she has been trying to deal with the fact that she is no longer the heir anymore. She has a right to feel this way especially since Peacemaker jammed on her. The thing that she once thought was a curse now feels like a gift to her. This brings some pretty great character moments for her. It also gives Dolls a chance to console her. Not only that, but remind her that he cares and that she’s important to him. Wynonna feels the same about him and they express those feelings through a kiss! Who would’ve known that Dolls, the once robot marshal, actually has a heart inside.Unfortunately for them, the kiss was seen by Doc. Now Wynonna might have to potentially deal with a love triangle in a second season.

Last but not least is Waverly. Her secret relationship with Nicole is no longer staying a secret. Willa, Champ and Neadley all know about the pair’s relationship. It’s unclear how the other protagonist will feel about the two, but there’s no doubt that they’’ll be fine with it, especially Wynonna. Another thing about Waverly is that she kept giving Willa strange looks at the party. She seems to know that something is off with her. Hopefully this will develop into the next episode somehow and show that Waverly is always paying attention.

Next Friday is the season finale!

Rating: 9/10

Wynonna Earp airs Friday’s on Syfy @ 10/9c

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  • Dolly Madison

    This was a really great episode filled with so many twists and turns. I can’t wait for the finale and this show really needs to be renewed for a season 2. There’s so many places the writers could go with this show.

    • Leaf Miranda

      I totally agree with you. I’ve already seen the finale and oh boy you are in for a treat. If there’s no season 2 then I’m going to be upset.

      • Dolly Madison

        Wow you just got me even more excited for the finale. I’ve been paying close attention to the ratings and any word of a season 2. I’d be beyond disappointed if the show doesn’t get renewed.

        • Leaf Miranda

          I’m glad I got you hyped for the finale. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you. Come back to the site on Friday to check out the review on the last episode. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

          • Dolly Madison

            Will do and thanks!