TV Review: ‘Wynonna Earp’ (1×11) “Landslide”

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

Willa evokes all the emotions in this episode. Ever since her return last episode, everyone has something to say about her. It all started when the DNA test confirmed that she was indeed their long-lost sister. Wynonna started going through a series of emotions. On the one hand, she is happy that she’s back. The two of them quickly bond and Wynonna is not hesitant at all to help her regain her memories. On the other hand, she feels bad that they didn’t keep looking for her after she was taken. There’s also the slight fear that she might be replaced by her sister, since Willa is originally supposed to be the heir. Waverly however, is not a fan of her older sister; she didn’t get to know her that well when they were little. All she does remember from those days is that Willa used to steal her stuffed animal and torture it for ransom. The more Willa gets closer to Wynonna, the more distant she feels. Based on her oldest sister’s actions at the end of the episode, it doesn’t seem like Waverly would want to get any closer.

Willa’s character is very interesting because she’s been gone for so long. She gained her childhood memories back too fast, but their return led to some very interesting moments. After being filled in on what she missed, Willa wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. At first she was happy to be reminded of her past. She was filled with joy and even made a comment on how Wynonna was now a brunette. Then came the scene she had with her youngest sister Waverly. She was rude to her especially when Waverly told her that she got to eat as many marshmallows as she wanted. She quickly apologized but was hurt when her sister didn’t accept her touch. Then came the bar and house scene right after, when Willa was completely entitled. She knew what she was and who she had to be. There’s also the part when she saved Bobo’s life, apparently he saved her. These mixed emotions make her both an intriguing but dangerous character.

Bobo was already a force to be reckoned with, but now he might have an heir on his side. It is already bad enough that he has Cryderman and possibly someone at Black Badge on his team, but now he has a trump card. If Willa is willing to help him then who knows what might go wrong. What’s interesting about this potential team up is that it might bring truth to the fact that the Earp’s father made a deal with Bobo. Maybe his deal was to save Willa no matter what the cost.

While Bobo continues to be a great villain the other Revenants continue to disappoint. The Twins were interesting at first; they had been locked away and had the power to compel people so that they could eat them. It also wasn’t stated if they were Revenants or not which was a good mystery, but it never truly got revealed. It can be assumed that they were Revenants since they went back to Hell when Wynonna killed them, but it would’ve been better if they were something else entirely. It also wasn’t explained why they were chained up. If it was because they were  insatiable, that wouldn’t have made sense because that other Revenant earlier in the season was the same way and they let her roam around. On top of that, Wynonna and Dolls took them out with ease. The only things that the Twins were good for was elaborating that Cryderman is a bad guy and that Dolls is hiding something inside himself.Wynonna Earp - Season 1

Although Cryderman failed his task, he did give the episode a good shootout. Dolls finally got to display his skills, quickly jumping into action the moment bullets started flying. He even threw that grenade back at the mercenaries. Wynonna and Willa teamed up for that sweet sneak attack. Waverly wasn’t scared but she didn’t take anyone out and got shot, which was unfortunate for her character. The injury also revealed how Willa doesn’t care for Waverly at all.

Another person that doesn’t seem to care too much for the Earps is Doc. He’s trying to leave, but it seems fate has other plans. Juan Carlo introduced himself this episode, he’s clearly not human. He teleported to his car and grabbed Doc’s gun before he could do anything. Juan and his associates are interested in the Ghost River Triangle. They don’t want a certain door to open because if it does, then Wynonna Earp will lose the war. Apparently Doc is meant to help her stop it, and he only has four days to do it. It’s unclear whether or not Juan or one of his partners knocked out Doc in the end, but next episode will most likely reveal who did it and why. The question is what is Juan Carlo? Is he an angel? Is that why he doesn’t want the door to open? Is that why Willa asked early in the episode if they’re angels, since there are demons?

Rating: 9/10

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